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Welcome to version 2 of the site. This site is for the sharing of Gunbound info and formulas - mine and other people's. Most of the info here is from other people, so they deserve the credit for it. I don't want to steal from anyone, so if I missed any credit, /m CreeDo on gunbound about it. NOTE: don't try to add me when I have never met you! It doesn't matter what your rank is or why you're trying to add me, I won't accept. Sorry if this seems cocky or mean, but my BL is already too big. You can ask questions if you want, but I won't answer stuff that's already on this site. Try asking in the message board. Thanks for coming, I hope you like the site. The most recent updates are in green. Links with old, outdated info that's been replaced with better stuff are gray.

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Credits: community community some feel guild members GLC Rem4rk, S4yo, others