5.angle35 fix against wind(fame and me made 1) 

basic power 1sd 2.85, half sd 1.8 

for dis guide..u may divide ur screen into 9 part( same as 
UHA),example, in the chart, it says 85place=2bar power (basic wind 2), 
dis means when wind2 against u, do 35 2.0 shoot...ur bullet will reach 
the place when u do 85angle UHA in 0wind 

but if u feel dis difficult to understand, u may use my way(vex teach 
1..lol..thx vex) 

all the power show on the pic is 4 basic wind 2 against u..juz for 
further calculation... 

although vex say dis guide not good enough, but i promise it over 90% 
accurate ^^ 

anyway....thx fame spend 2 nights with me to test wind and made dis 
guide .