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Angle 42 bjsl formula

(Made by me, inspired by HongHong bjsl 50 and Sayo 40 formulas):
This formula is a very good method for making shots against the wind with boomer. It is an alternative to hook shots and may help in situations where a hook will fly back. It's also good for showing off and making nice SS shots.

The full formula would be 42 - (WindStrength*WindFactor)

Power is judged by user using fixed power points described below. The power levels can be memorized using this trick:
half: 2
3/4: 2.5
full: 3
Those are easy to remember, right? But they're not accurate. To be accurate just add .1 to the half and 3/4 distance powers. These numbers are to make the formula easy to learn, and with time you'll figure out the exact powers, which I also show below. Keep in mind that in strong wind (like over 15 or so) you need to add a bit of power.

Exact power points
1/4 screen 1.45 bars
1/2 screen 2.1 bars
3/4 screen 2.6 bars
1.0 screen 3.0 bars

If the enemy is between these set points you must guess beforehand how much power to alter your shot, for example between 1/2 screen and 3/4 screen I might use 2.35 bars or so.

Once you pick your power, you now choose your angle. Start at angle 42, then calculate a new angle using a method similar to calculating hooks and backshots. Multiply Wind Strength * Wind Factor (see the chart below). Then subtract the answer from angle 42. Use the new angle with the same power you already chose before.

The wind factors are either very similar to or the same as your hook wind factors.

Some examples

You are on left, enemy is on right.
Wind is at 10:30 against you. Wind strength is 12. This wind factor shows "wind/3" So take 12, divide it by 3. The answer is 4. Starting always at angle 42, you now will lower 4 angles. The enemy distance is half screen, so we'll use 2.1 bars of power with our new angle 38.
Wind is 15 directly against you (9:00 o' clock). Wind strength is 18. This wind factor shows "80% of wind" so we will multiply 18 by 80%. The answer is around 14, so starting at 42 we lower 14 angles to 28. Enemy is 1 screen distance, so usually we would use 3 bars, but remember that for strong winds it's best to add a bit of power. So in this case I'd add about .15 bars, so final angle and power is 28, 3.15.
Here is an alternate against-the-wind shooting formula (angle 35 fixed): Credit to vexez for making it, you can find the original on his guild's page at (dead link, sorry)

The way it works: Assume that in the weakest possible wind blowing against you (2 wind), you can hit a target 1/2 screen away with 1.8 bars of power. Using the chart provided here, you can figure out how much power to add to make your shot when the wind is blowing against you in different strengths and directions:
fixed 35 shooting

If my chart is unclear, maybe the original from Vexez will help:
boomer 35 chart

There is also a version of this formula explained by Talent1127 and xFamex.
talent and xfamex chart