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The following is a way of adjusting your power if there's wind blowing towards the enemy. It is made to work with angle 70 shots. The original author is DSELB (aka blesd).

For this formula, use angle 70, know what power you need in 0 wind, then lower your power based on this wind chart.
The original image is here.

The wind chart says to multiply the wind strength by the wind factor, for example 10 wind * .045 (the factor when wind is pointing directly at the enemy) ... the result will be .45, about half a bar. Therefore in 10 wind towards the enemy, you should shoot with about .45 bars of power less than you usually would. That means an angle 70 1 screen shot (normally 2.8 bars) will be 2.35 bars of power if the wind is blowing at 10 strength directly towards the enemy.

On the wind chart, the red area means you should avoid angle 70 shots, a low angle is probably better. For the green area, the further away the enemy is, the bigger wind factor will be. For the yellow area, the closer they are, the bigger the wind factor should be. You just increase or decrease your wind factor slightly.