Simple Avatar Rating Calculator

Created by MrLogic and CreeDo

This form calculates the value of your avatar using a math formula.
It only looks at the three most important stats - attack, defense, and hearts.
The higher the number you come up with, the better your avatar setup is.
A good setup will result in a number that is close to 3.
If an outfit doesn't boost one of these stats, type "0" in the blank for it.

General advice: Defense + hearts are best. If your bot has over 1000 HP,
focus on hearts, if under 1000 focus on defense. Attack is good, but hearts+defense are a little better
because they're useful even if you can't hit. Also, lightning and JD already get a little attack bonus...
their 'aftershock' ignores the enemy's defense rating. So they don't really need high attack.
Maxing the other stats like bunge, shield, etc. is fun but not as good. Max bunge can be very strong
with the right bot (bigfoot) and the right maps (thin land maps) and the right items (shovels, dual).
It's also good for frog since it boosts the strength of frog SS and enlarges frog's big angle-ruining holes.