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> Translated fixed power Boomer backshot guide, For those with a calculating mind.
Posted: May 23 2004, 06:19 AM
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Courtesy of ChinaGB KNAT guild.

The 2.5 fixed power boomer backshot guide with wind chart.



1. Able to hit enemy at close range with transformed SS when wind is towards the enemy.

2. Backshot bonus if >50 damage, also additional damage bonus.

3. Landing points of shots at different angles are closely spaced, can be considered as having almost no blind spots.

4. 'Cool' motion of the shot, can 'borrow' the power of force beam/lightning even if it is not that near to you.



60 - (wind power X wind index) + (distance) = shooting angle

Shooting power: 2.5 bars


Take half screen to be 15 parts. The effective range of this technique is not that much since each type of wind direction has a limit to which it can affect your shot.

'Distance' is measured from the BACK of Boomer (after you have turned to the other direction) to the middle of the enemy.

Important: the trajectory of the backshot is diagonally downwards, so for an enemy at a different elevation, do take note of this and compensate for the difference.


Self-made translated wind chart

user posted image


edit: oh crap, i'm supposed to post this in the subforum? sorry about that.

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