technically, its suan jiao bian li, but i adopted this style of shooting from the original creator, knat honghong's bianjiaosuanli... which he named wrongly. it simply means calculate angle, change power.

how it works, basically, u try and shoot power at wind 0 all the time. for example, if u r using angle 60, shooting with wind for 1 screeen, the power is 2.48 at wind 0. when there is wind blowing wif u at around 10, u wld want to still shoot at 2.48, and u can do this by cancelling out the wind effect by adding angles to it. so exactly how much u want to add? use this chart. for wind 10 blowing at angle 0 -> the index is 0.69

0.69*wind = 0.69*10 = 6.9

so u take 60+6.9 = 67

therefore, u can shoot 67 at wind 10 and hit 1 screen just like 60 at wind 0. for shots against the wind, example, 70 at wind 0 takes 2.9 to reach 1 screen. if there is wind blowing against u, u wld try to cancel out the effect of the wind by lowering ur angle and still shoot at 2.9. wind blowing <-10 at angle 0 has index of0.63

0.63*wind = 0.63*10 = 6.3

angle = 70 - 6.3 = 64.. note that this time u lower angle, so u minus..
therefore, if u shoot 64 at wind 10, 2.9, u will still hit 1 screen. =)

for raon, u can just apply same index, but change the power.

for shooting wif wind, using 60 for armor is 2.48 for 1 screen, but raon is 2.65... so as long as u have power chart for angle 60 and 70 for all bots(except boomer becuz i haven tested it yet), u can apply this way of shooting

forgot to post. the wind index doesnt stay the same for all winds, for example, 0.69 for wind -> will become0.72 at winds 18-25.. for complete list of wind index variations, refer to secret section of the forum