Boomer 2.5 fixed power

Credit to "ImnotLisa" for telling me the basic angles.
I think she changed her nickname now so don't bother her
about it.

This is just about all I know for it:

79 2.5 = half screen
66 2.5 = full screen

I'm a bit blur on the half screen angle, it might be 78.

Wind adjustment: since this is just for fun I don't think
you should try it in any serious wind.

Direct (left or right) wind:
For weak winds under 5, raise your angle by wind-1 angles.
For wind over 5, don't subtract 1 angle, just raise by wind*1.
For wind over 8, raise by wind*1, then 1 more angle.
At this point you'll be very close to 90 if you want to hit half
screen, and you should probably try an easier formula.

Wind diagonal down+towards the enemy (45 degrees down):
I raise my angle by wind/2 degrees. It seems to work ok.

Wind diagonal up+towards the enemy (45 degrees up):
Weak winds less than 5, raise by wind * 1 angles.
Wind over 5, do the same but raise 1 more angle.
Wind over 7, same but raise 2 more angles.

Basic example:

Enemy is a bit past half screen. Wind is 4 directly
towards them. Your angle would be 79 for
half screen, so for a bit past use 78 and 2.5 bars.
To adjust for wind, raise 3 angles. So you use 82, 2.5.

Enemy is 1 screen distance. Wind is 9 up+towards (45 deg. up).
Your angle would be 66 for 1 screen, to adjust for wind you raise
by wind * 1 degrees then add 2 more angles. So 9 * 1 (+2) = 11.
Your angle goes from 66 to 77. 77, 2.5 bars should hit 1 screen

I think for winds that point upward, it is safer to reduce a bit of
power even after you raise your angle, i.e. just 2.4 bars is ok.

I hope people will try this and tell me if it works, I haven't
used it very much and can't confirm wind adjustment etc.
Again it's just for fun - use it because nobody else knows it.