Credit to blesd for sharing this formula.

boomer 3.0 fix power
this formular is similar to hook, it can be used when the wind is against u
Distance is 50 degree per SD, and wind factor relates to philoburn's graph.
its the same as hook wind factors
this is quite good when wind is big so that u cant hook

Note from Creedo:
If this is unclear, I'll try to explain it a bit.
It helps if you already understand fixed power shooting and measuring.

Step 1. Estimate how far away the enemy is from you in parts, or angles.
1.0 screen distance = 50 parts.
1/2 screen distance = 25 parts.
Every 10 parts is 1/5th of a screen.

Let's say you know for sure that a half screen distance is from the left edge of
your screen to the middle of the wind marker. You have an enemy who is about
1/5th of a screen beyond that.
If half a screen is 25 parts, and the enemy is about 1/5th of a screen further than
that... you're adding 25+10 parts to get 35 parts.
Therefore the enemy is 35 parts/angles distance from you.

Step 2. Starting at 90 degrees, lower your angle by the number of parts you
estimated in step 1. So if the enemy is 35 parts away... 90-35 = 55. Use angle 55.
Because this is a 3 bar formula, your shot will be angle 55, 3 bars. But your math
is not finished yet... the strength and direction of the wind can really alter where
your shot lands. So you must do step 3 to adjust for the wind.

Step 3. You're going to lower your angle based on the wind's strength and direction.
To do that, take the wind's strength and multiply (or divide) it by whatever wind
factor matches the wind's current direction. To see what wind factors you need for
the different wind directions, see this link below:

Let's say the wind is blowing diagonally up and against you, and wind strength is 12.
The chart says to use wind/3. Dividing 9 by 3 gives us 4. Therefore you want to take
your current angle and lower it by 4. If your original angle were 55, it's now 51.
Rehashing our math: The enemy is 1/5th of a screen more than half a screen away from you.
The wind strength is 12 pointing diagonal up/against.
We therefore use angle 51, 3.0 bars for such a situation.
I hope it was clear.

Tip for experienced fixed-power users: If you already are familiar with measuring your
screen by dividing it into 30 parts, then doing this formula with 50 parts isn't that
difficult. I'll call the 30 part method the cbchui system. Every 3 angles under the
cbchui system is 5 angles under the 50-part system. So an enemy who is 21 parts away
using your familiar cbchui measurement would be 35 parts away using this 3 bar hook.
Just divide the cbchui measurement by 3, then multiply the result by 5 to get the new