Boomer against the wind lobbing formula
(original by HongHong, translation by Soyabean)
This formula is a very good method for making shots against the wind with
boomer. It is an alternative to hook shots and may help in situations where a
hook will fly back. It's also good for showing off and making nice SS shots.


The full formula would be 50 - (WindStrength*WindFactor), power to be judged by
user using fixed power points described below.

1/4 screen: 1.5 bars
1/2 screen: 2.3 bars
3/4 screen: 2.9 bars
1.0 screen: 3.35 bars

If the enemy is between these set points you must guess beforehand how much
power to alter your shot, for example between 1/2 screen and 3/4 screen might
use 2.6 bars or so.

Once you pick your power, you now choose your angle.
Start at angle 50, and in 2 wind against use the power you already calculated.
If wind is stronger than 2 against, you can calculate a new angle using a
method similar to calculating hooks and backshots.
Multiply Wind Strength * Wind Factor. Then subtract the result from angle 50.
The new angle can be used with the same power you decided on before.

The wind factors are either very similar to or the same as your hook wind
factors. Therefore use this guide:

Some examples: You are on left, enemy is on right.

Wind is at 9 o' clock (directly against you). Wind strengh is 15.
Enemy is 1/2 screen distance.
Starting at 50, you have decided to use the 1/2 screen power 2.3 bars.
The wind factor for wind pointing this way is .8, so multiply .8 by wind
strength (15). The result is a nice even number, 12. Lower by 12 angles.
Now angle 50 has become angle 38. Fire at angle 38, 2.3 bars... and you should
hit an enemy half a screen away perfectly.

Other examples:

Wind at 6:30, strength 8
Enemy is a bit over 3/4 screen distance, we decide to use 3 bars (a little over
2.9) Wind factor is .7 so we get ...5.6 ... if we lower 5 it might be a
little short. Lower 6 and we worry it will be over. I would lower 5 and then
move forward a tiny bit. Then you can be sure it won't come short.
So the angle you use is 45 (after moving forward a bit) and 3.0 bars of power.

Wind at 6:00, strength 22
Enemy is 1/3 screen distance. We decide to add .2 bars of power, so 1.7 bars.
Wind factor is .5, which is easy... just reduce 22 by half to get 11.
Lower from 50-11 to 39, then 1.7 bars.

Wind at 11:30, strength 10
This is tricky. The wind is very floaty, and lowering your angle just makes
the shot go further. Therefore you may want to use the usual angles, but
judge how to reduce power in order to prevent the shot from flying too far.
You may also want to go with a lower angle for more predictable shots, or just
switch to full power hooks.

Wind at 9:30, strength 25
This is also tricky. The calculation for wind at this angle is Strength * .3 therefore want to lower about 7 angles to angle 43. However at angle
43, any power level you choose will probably backshot. So for this wind you
want to reduce to a minimum of 37 and then judge the power level to use.

Wind at 6:05, strength 21
Enemy is 1/2 screen distance. We will use 2.3 bars of power.
Lower your angle by (Wind/3) and you get 7 angles.
Angle 43, 2.3 bars is the result.

I hope this helps you make pro shots.
Credit to HongHong for creating the formula and credit to Soyabean for translation.
Found on the Lord forums.

ADDENDUM: Credit to MattZ0rT for sharing this neat additional info. There is
an alternate way to decide the power of the shot, using a somewhat long
formula. The good news is that by using this formula you can get a very, very
accurate measurement of the correct power to use, and if you have lots of time
between turns you can be sure of your shot.

The power measurement formula:
Distance = enemy distance in fractions of a screen, where 1 = 1 full screen.

Power = -[1.4 * (Distance^2)] + [4.21(Distance)] + .5375

If you need it in simpler terms:
Step 1: (multiply distance by itself, then multiply the result by -1.4)
Step 2: (multiply distance by 4.21, then add the result to step 1's number)
Step 3: (add .5375 to your answer from step 2)

Example formula:
Distance = half a screen.
If D = 1 for a full screen, then for half a screen we will use D = .5

Step 1: (.5 * .5) = .25
.25 * -1.4 = -.35
result: -.35

Step 2: (.5 * 4.21) = 2.105
2.105 + (-.35) = 1.755
result: 1.755

Step 3: .5375 + 1.755 = 2.2925
result: 2.2925

Final answer: correct power for half screen is 2.2925 bars. It's a tiny bit
more accurate than the 2.3 bars I listed earlier. One trick you could use to
tie in this formula with the 30-parts-to-1-screen measurement (which I use for
lobs and backshots) is to count how many angles between you and the target,
then divide the result by 30. The small number you get can be used as "D" in
the above formula to get a very accurate power level.
For example, I want to know what power I need to hit 2/3rds of a screen.
We know a 2/3 screen lob uses angle 70, which is 20 distance units from boomer.
Take 20 and divide by 30, you have .6666 as the result.
Plug .6666 into the formula and you get this: 2.7026
Does this number make sense? Well, we know 3/4 screen is 2.9 bars. This
distance is a bit less than 3/4 screen. So 2.7 bars should be correct.