This is the raw data from some practice sessions I had with
Untzremark to try to figure out how to make a boomer
"explode in your face" timebomb SS formula.

All I can say for sure after lots of practice is that I have a 1 SD
and half screen distance shot.

1 screen timebomb ss: 18, 2.5 bars
1/2 s.d. timebomb ss: 40, 1.4 bars

For a bit over 1 screen, keeping the angle and just adding a
bit of power is fine. The angle is the important thing, the power
can vary a bit as long as you don't shoot with too little power
and it hits dirt. It's basically a shotgun with a little angle
and not so much power that it goes across the screen instantly.

I still don't have a formula, but I'll share the
info that I have, maybe someone can make sense of it.

How to read the info:
First number is angle.
Second is power.
Third is wind strength.
Fourth is wind direction, which I express with u(up),f(forward),
d(down) and b(back). The more you see of a direction, the more
the wind was pointing that way. So uuuub means almost straight up
and only a little back. db means exactly 45 degrees down and against
30 1.9 9 uuf
25 2.2 24 f
14 2.45 15 uuuuub
23 3 8 db
2.3 17 uff
16 3.1 20 b
18 2.4 8 uuf
27 2.65 15 dddf
24 2.8 15 dddb
20 2.5 9 uub
14 2.8? 25 ub

wind towards:
lowest angle: 17
highest angle: 30
lowest power: 1.9
highest: 2.65

wind against:
lowest angle: 14
highest angle: 24
lowest power: 2.45
highest power: 3.1