Boomer Reverse hookshot

- I don't have a good solid formula yet but I'll share
the little bit of info I know. I think this is most useful when you
want to backshot someone but are stuck on a slope and cannot
get a low enough angle to do a normal backshot.

Power = 3.0 bars fixed

80 = 1/4 SD in weak wind
77 = 1/3 SD
Half screen is difficult without strong wind.

The higher your angle is, the closer your shot lands. The highest
angle you'll want to use is 88 because angle 89 against the wind
always will hook forward.

The stronger the wind is, the more you must raise your angle to
prevent the shot from flying too far, for example in strong
wind I might use 81 or 82 for 1/3 screen.

Past a certain point, lowering your angle can also make the shot
go further. To make things more confusing, sometimes the shot will
hook backwards, and then with just 1 wind difference it will hook
forward. Or for example angle 85 might always fly back, but 84
will fly forward, but then 83 will also fly back. It's a very
unreliable shot and that's why it's hard to make a formula for it.

Good luck with it. Remember you don't look cool unless you're
facing forward when you do it :D