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6. Hooks

Hooks are another basic boomer skill, because they allow you to make shots against the wind based on a formula. A normal shot against the wind is very tricky if all you have to go by is 'feel'. Hooks are very simple though, power is always full so you only need to change your angle to hit different places on the screen. The distance between angles is so small you never will need to change power, just find the right angle.

To find that angle, first measure the distance to your enemy using a 30 part measurement system (it's not as hard as it sounds). That will give you a 'base angle'. Then lower your angle based on the wind's strength and direction to get a 'final angle'.
You can use Vexez' hook windchart to figure out how many angles you need to lower in order to adjust for the wind. Then just fire with full power.

Hook Formula

Hooks are based on 30 angles (or parts) per 1 screen. But can anyone really imagine 30 little parts on their screen? Of course not. So what I do is memorize where every 5th part will be. That means that I'm really dividing the screen into 6 parts, and each part has 5 angles in it:

If it's easier for you, memorize these landmarks and use the image below to spot them easily.

So that image teaches you your BASE angle - but it doesn't show you the FINAL angle. You must now calculate wind adjustment. Even 2 wind requires an adjustment. So use this windchart to figure out how many angles to lower your shot. In some rare cases, with very vertical hook wind, you will raise your angle, but usually you will be lowering it.

Other hook tips