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Boomer's weapons:

Shot 1

A super-low-delay shot 1 that also happens to do pretty decent damage. Arguably the best shot 1 in the game. It isn't used much because boomer's shot 2 also kicks ass. You can use shot 1 to beat someone's delay and get 2 turns in a row on them (or make sure they don't get two turns in a row on you). You can also use it to kill an enemy with only a little life, which gets you the kill and saves some delay.

Delay: 730
Typical damage: 150

Shot 2

A very user-friendly shot 2, you fire four projectiles but they all follow the same path and stay clustered, so it might as well be a single shot. It also drills quite a ways through dirt.

Delay: 880
Typical damage: 250


This shot requires 1.8 seconds of airtime (I think) before it 'opens up'. If you have used armor or turtle's SS you know what I'm talking about. If you don't keep the shot airborne long enough then it simply hits the enemy for a crappy bit of damage (maybe 250ish). If it stays airborne long enough it stops for a split second, flashes, and transforms into a golden boomerang that can inflict 400-600 damage depending on how perfectly centered and 'clean' the hit is. It causes a little bit more splash damage than your other shots, which means a very near miss might be good for 200-300. What makes this SS really awesome is the fact that boomer's slow-moving shot animation guarantees that your SS will open up for almost any lobbed shot, as long as you aren't just shotgunning it. You can get it to open with as little as .8 bars of power, less if there's upwards wind.

Delay: 1280
Typical damage: 450+

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