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2. Normal shot

Pick an angle and use it a lot until you have a good feel for it. I like angle 35 because it will never blow backwards under any wind conditions. You may also want to master a slightly higher angle like angle 50, for situations where you need to lob over obstructing land or a teammate's head. There are also fixed angle shooting formulas which tell you the power level to use in different situations... I will mention them here.

Fixed angle 35 shooting:
1/2 screen distance: 1.5 bars
1.0 screen distance: 2.2 bars

Other angles

  1/2 SD 1.0 SD
Angle 50 1.5 2.2
Angle 60 1.6 2.3
Angle 70 1.8 2.7

If you're interested, Dselb has a wind adjustment formula for angle 70 shots here.

Other normal shot pointers:

Other cases