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3. Lob/fixed power shot

This follows a simple formula. It can only work within 1 screen distance. Use about 2.2 bars of power, and simply change your angle to hit different areas of the screen. You actually vary your power a little depending on how far away the enemy is. I used to use the same power all the time but realized I was missing a lot of seemingly sure shots that way. I figured out this method:

1/3 screen or closer 2.15 bars
between 1/3 and 2/3 ~2.2 bars
past 2/3 screen 2.3 bars.

Anyway, you will learn to make the tiny alterations automatically as you play. You can almost get away with using 2.2 all the time but you'll find you cannot quite go 1 screen distance without a bit more power.


90 hits yourself (of course) in 0 wind.
80 hits 1/3 screens away.
75 hits half a screen away.
70 hits 2/3 screens away.
60 hits 1 full screen.

Lob pointers

I tried making a rough chart. It's not perfect but it will give you a good start.

You should also check out some other lob systems.
There are many players who feel a fixed angle lob is better than fixed power, so try learning angle 70 or one of the others I've listed.