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4. Backshot

Backshots can be done 2 ways: Using feel and using the 2.5 bar fixed power formula. I love formulas, but I recommend you learn backshots using feel... That's because the backshot formula uses a lot of power and requires deep knowledge of wind and lots of calculation. Basically, it's good but not so good you don't need feel anymore. Naturally I'll explain both methods. Backshots are important to master so the only way to learn is to get out there and do them. However, don't cause teammates to lose while you learn ^_^ ...find a friend and 1v1 or something.

The idea behind a backshot is this: Wind is blowing towards the enemy. You turn your back to the target, and choose a fairly high angle (close to 70). You shoot with the right amount of power, and your shot will fly up, get blown backwards, and drift into the enemy. You'll notice when it hits that it does a fair chunk of damage, more than usual. That's because (for boomer only) a damage bonus is added for backshots.

Backshot pointers:

If you want to learn a formula for making backshots (especially high power SS backshots) then click here for the formula.
Otherwise click next.