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5. High angles

High angles are a basic boomer skill, even though they look like showing off. They are best used in 0 or 1 wind, and if there's wind it's best if the wind is low and pointing towards the target. The way to execute a high angle shot is pretty simple: choose an angle (usually over 80) and then cut loose with a full power shot. If you choose the correct angle, you can hit any enemy on the screen and even enemies beyond 1 screen's distance. The hard part is choosing the right angle and figuring out how to adjust for slight differences in height, distance, wind, etc. High angle shots are nice because they allow you to use so many aim tricks to make a guaranteed hit, and you earn a ton of money for them.

Some high angle terms:
Full = four bars/full power.
Unfull = 3.85 bars, necessary in some situations.
SD = Screen Distance, the distance from the left side to right side of 1 screen. When shooting 1 screen distance, assume boomer should be positioned half on and half off the edge of the screen, and he will hit an enemy who is half on/half off the opposite edge of the screen.

High angle pointers