i am translating the 89 degree boomer guide now..
from what i have understand its that there are 2 different power for the shots.. one is for half screen and the other is for full screen.. for targets which are in the middle of the full screen and half screen..
use the full screen power-the half screen power=Ans (2.55-1.9=0.65)
H)alf screen power+(Ans/2)=final answer.. (1.9+ 0.65/2)=2.225)
(they did not give much examples.. so this is the best i can make out from it)
and for the wind chart.. what i have interpret is that those are the directions for the wind and since this is not hook shot so you are always using the tail wind and not against wind..
for example.. for wind that is on the left of the wind charts(6oclock to 12 oclock) you are on the right and shooting to the left..
and for the wind that is on the right side of the wind chart(12oclock to 6 oclock) you are on the left and shooting to the right..
i hope you guys understand me..
also basically all the shots are using 89 degree so its something like fixed angle but varying power shots.. kinda hard to master especially with boomer since 1 mm can cause you a miss or hit
and also basically, i feel that this guide is kinda vague as it does not tell you that winds like how 21 is different from 24 etc.. we have to figure it out ourselves..
and also there is one guy at the forum taht says that this 89 guide is outdated..