I got the numbers to make this chart from CbChui, one of the dragons.

basicly, you always use 2.4 power,


If that's your power bar the slash is where your shooting.

So at that power, 75 degrees should hit the center screen, and my character should us an angle of 76 to hit Yayeska.

Now as for the wind chart, I'm not totally sure on this, but I believe this is how it works, you times the wind strength by the number on the chart and you add or subtract that number from your angle depending on if your shooting with the wind or against it.

confusing? yeah, I thought so.

Maybe an example would help,
in my picture the wind is blowing in between the .2 and .4 marks, so let's say it's .3, you times 17 ( the wind strength) by .3, you get 5, so since my shot is going with the wind, I'd subtract 5 from the angle which the enemy is at (76 - 5) And then 71 should hit my target.

Are you really going to remember all this in a battle? Probably not, unless your super smart and can do math like a freakin wizard.

But you can play like me, and I take my games to far, so I don't recommend it. But anyways, here's what I would do if I had a printer, print out the picture at your exact monitor size, fold the ruler over, so you can measure how far away your opponent is from you, check the wind chart, and try to estimate in your head, or get a calculator. Although I wouldn't recommend using a calculator, cause mental math is FUN!
Ok, obviously I've been playing this game for far to long and I am losing my fricken mind.

So thanks to cbchui for the information.


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