Ok, I told Creedo I was gonna make a guide on how to get onto chinese gunbound, so here it is.
To CreeDo: You might wanna transfer this to the site, since more people will see it, and the pictures will not be limited by imageshack's bandwidth.

Step 1: Downloading chinese gunbound.
Go to http://www.tankbb.com Then click on the raon and go to the selected link

There are two columns I made. One of them is for windows XP users, the other is for non XP users; 2000, 98 or whatever.

Download it.
Then it should be easy enough to install, even if you don't know chinese. There are only two buttons, just click on the one that doesn't exit the installer. Then just choose a download directory and install!

Next: To Register an Account

Ok, how to register!

First you click on the dragon, then the second link on the right, as shown

Now you are on the registration page. This is the part that usually stops most people from getting Chinese gunbond, but just follow the instructions and you will be OK. There are notes below

Ok for the ID number, it's gonna be a 15 digit number. 430203320815xxx You can probably put any numbers where the xxx goes If a popup window keeps on coming up, chances are it's the id number. If all else fails, you can always do a google image search for chinese passport numbers.
If you think the phone number is the problem, you can always google that too. Just keep on doing what the instructions say.

If you successfully complete the registration, you get this


Oh yeah, just thought I'd say this, if anybody loves me for this and wants to repay me, my gunbound WC game name is Lhet and my gunbound wish list is frankenstein head, metallic wand flag, archangel one body, and pet 02 :-)

Ok, now you just wanna play Login like this

Just put your username (not in game name) and password, then hit enter (I'm not sure which button is go, so I always hit enter to be safe)
Then you get this

Click on the lower right button. You will probably get a popup that shows a raon. This just means please wait (I think) and if you click on the button it will cancel it. So just wait.

Once you are in, you might want to add me. My game name is Lhaet. ( I just mixed it up a bit) You can navigate well if you remember the old gunbound, all the buttons are in the same place.
Also, just thought I'd point it out; the only flag you can get is the chinese flag! It is cheap (5k) and fairly good. But it is kinda interesting. Have fun!