Now I give u the full introduction of Amour and Turtle (its high angle SS 6 in 1). The relationship of Amour and Turtle, I can say, is Amour is the mechanical Turtle and Turtle is the Bionic Amour. That is the attributes of both the Amour and Turtle are same, the only difference is their modalities are different, Turtle’s shot two needs time to be 2 in 1, and amour’s shot is quite simple. So if u use the same angle and same power, Amour and Turtle can get the same goals, this is their common. So after reading my Amour formulas, u will get Turtle formulas too, except the Turtle SS.
So far as I known, there are three methods of calculation, the first one is fixed angle-calculating power, the second one is fixed power-calculating angle, and the last one is both-calculating angle and power.
The formulas of Amour
Amour usually uses the first methods of calculation (fixed angle-calculating power and fixed power-calculating angle, they are quite easier than the last method of calculation), so amour is quite simple to learn how to use, compared with Trico and Boomer ( both need the third method of calculation, e.g. Trico’s 3in1, XieShang’s (Boomer player also from knat) Tail wind XiaoPao), but if u want to be a Amour pro, which needs u calculate accurately, then it sure not so easy to get to.
The formulas on Amour I knew so far are the Full power-Pao, BanPao (I cannot find a equivalent word of it, nvm, just a name), XiaoPao, angle20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80. Now I’d suggest u all remember one point by heart, that is when u check the distance of the mobile u gotta attack, the just start of it is the start of the red arrow, not all the starts are its bot, especially when u use low angle, u cannot see the bot’s body at all! And the end is the mobile u gotta get. Then some guys may ask me how to check the distance, now listen, just press the mouse’s right button to catch the screen, don’t loose the button, move the mouse until the left side (take u attack right direction for example) of your screen (visual square of your monitor) nearly next to the read arrow. And one screen is the visual screen of your monitor, usually is the length of the screen. This point is important to your precision of your calculation. The followings are their introductions.
l Formula one.
Wind 0 full power Pao (90-distance=fire angle)
Half screen=angle85 (divide first half screen into 5 parts, 1=89, 2=88, 3=87, 4=86, 5=85)
One screen=10.8angle(90-10.8) ( that means, angle80 can get 9.8distance if one screen=10, then angle79 can get the 11 distance, it is one screen+one bot distance. Within of it is divided into 5 parts, 1=84, 2=83, 3=82, 4=81, 5=80
One and half screen, u can use angle 74 to get it, the third half screen = 6 parts ( 1=79, 2=78, 3=77, 4=76, 5=75, 6=74)
Two screen, u can use angle 67 to get it , the fourth half screen=7 parts,(1=73, 2=72, 3=71, 4=70, 5=79, 6=68, 7=67)
If with wind, then u need wind chart, 10distace u use this wind chart (chart1)

within one screen, pls adjust the wind factor properly, remember, the distance is shorter, then the wind factor is smaller.
Two screen distance , pls use the following wind chart:
between one and two screen, pls adjust the wind factor properly depends on the distance.
Note: there are some advantages of full power pao, the first of all is there is not over drag or less drag, but still existing some disadvantages, for example, the distance of 5 and 6 > one bot, that means it will happen that if u less one angle, then u over shoot, if u add one angle, then u less shoot. What the hell it is if u meet this situation. LOL.

l Formula Two. BanPao ( the Author is CHNShenPu, from knat)
Banpao is more accurate than Fullpao , 90-distance (one screen = 20 parts) – wind X factor of against wind (+ wind X factor of tail wind) = fire angle.
Fixed power is: 1/2screen=2.8, 3/4screen=2.85, 1screen=2.95, 3/2screen=3.05.
1/2screen distance use this wind chart1, 1screen use wind chart2, 3/2screen use the following wind chart: (chart3)
Note: within them , u need to adjust the power and wind factor properly depends on the wind and distance. Now following the 1screen distance’s wind and its corresponding angle
0---0 (a=0)
1---0 (a=0)
2---0.5 ( a=0.5)
3---1 (a=0.33)
4---2 (a=0.5)
10----6 (a=0.6)
20---13 (a=0.65)
26----19 (a=0.75) (horrible L)
a=wind factor. This wind is water level wind, that is the wind’s angle is zero. If against wind , then less the corresponding angle, if the tail wind, then add it.

l Formula Three. XiaoPao, the most important formulas, SS shot has enough time to become from a normal bomb into a missile, if the missile get the force, can get a wonderful damage, more accurate than Full power Pao and BanPao.

40partsPao.(I’d suggest u use this formula within 3/4S(screen), usually, I use this formula within 1/2S)
Formula: 90-distance+tail wind x its wind factor (- against wind x its wind factor)= fire angle.
Fixed the power: 1/4(A (angle) 80)) S=2.0, 1/2(A70) S=2.05
Use this wind chart: (Chart4)

30partsPao. (I’d suggest u use this formula within 1S, usually, I use this formula within 3/4S)
1S=30parts, 1/2S=A75,
Fixed power points are: 1/2S=2.35, 3/4S=2.4, 1S=2.45
Formula: 90-distance+tail wind x its wind factor (- against wind x its wind factor)= fire angle
Why I suggest u use this formula within 3/4S, because when the against wind is over 20scale, the power u use cannot get over 3/4S. But if the tail wind is strong enough, u can get 3/2S distance!
10D(distance) use Chart1, 20D use Chart2, 30D(1S) pls use Chart3. 10D and 20D can use Chart4 too. I think you can find the correct wind factors.

l Formula Four. Fixed angle-calculating power, now I gotta explain a theory to u, if X + Y = 90A ( X and Y present an angle ) then , if wind zero, then u use same angle and same power, can get the same distance in water level line. If u want to ask me why, then I’d suggest u ask the softnxy Cor.
20A and 70A formula.
1/4A=1.45, 1/2S=2.05, 3/4S=2.55, 1S=2.95, 5/4S=3.3, 6/4S=3.65.
these are the statistic I checked when the wind was zero, if with wind, 20A and 70A are quite different, I have my own methods to calculate, but not yet formed a formula ( have no time now ), I am sorry for it, but I want to remind u, 20A and 30A, 60A and 70A have some connection, after u read the 30A and 60A formulas, I am sure u will have got some ideas of them.

30A and 60A formula
The power chart is :
The wind factor chart is:
Because the 60A formula, other play has posted, so here I not need to post it again, to cut my formulas shorter.

40A and 50A formula.
Power chart is:
40A and 50A are two important angles, cos u can easily get the dark green angle ( real angle, can get more damage than light green angle ), now I gotta give u make your own formulas, guys, could you please make me your 40A and 50A wind factors? Though I have my own formulas of them. I think though this making your own formulas action, your skills sure will achieve to a new higher standard.

10A and 80A formulas.
In fact I few use 80A formula, because I have a better choice. Now following the powers and its distances.
1/4S=2.0(can get this result from the 40partsPao), 1/2S=2.8 (can get this result from BanPao ),3/4S=3.65. 10A formula, I have an only experience, that is try, I think god always beside on u, jaja, in fact it is called as one of shotgun.

l Formulas Five. About Tornado and Height Difference.

About height difference. If the opponent are much higher than u , I suggest u not use low angle, or only can cause lol from other players. I advise u to use BanPao, XiaoPao as much as u can. For Banpao, wind zero, within 1S, the 1/2S( length of your screen)=2A, that is if the opponent is 1/2s higher than u, than u less 2A. 1/4S=1A. with the wind, the calculation will be more complicated, cos, sometimes the against wind so strong, let the shot be boomer shot, which counteracts the height difference’s influence, so in some occasion, I just ignore it if the against wind so strong. With more practice, I think u will get your own height difference experiences. For low angle’s height differences, e.g, 30A, within 1S, one bot height difference u just adjust your power from 0.1-0.3 according to the distance properly. Low height difference 1S distance 4/10S=0.35 power(wind0), etc.

About Tornado, please read the formula of knat( 60A, wind0), in fact, I think other players should notice that, tornado has its own scale like wind, and some times occur two tornados, which is more complicated, further more, there is two kinds of tornados, one I called catalyzing tornado, with its influence, u should less power and higher angle, the other is delaying tornado, with its influence, u should add power or lower angle. I have my own experiences of it, but not formed a system yet, so I am afraid I would mislead u, so here, I dun post it, I think u can make one too, only need more practice. Remember, just practice, practice, you will become stronger and stronger.
Now comes the end of the full introduction of the Amour Mobile. Turtle is almost the same as Amour, u can choose the formulas up to u to use, but I’d suggest u that the power should be over 2.0, so the shot two of the Turtle has enough time to 2in1(needs 2 seconds), get more damage, and cooler. If the angle of Turtle add 5 degree, and the movement ability improve by 20%, I sure will use turtle, though it still not the strongest mobile. When I use Turtle, I usually use full power Pao, BanPao, XiaoPao and 70A, jaja.

l Formulas Six, Turtls high angle SS 6in1.

Wind0, fixed power points are:3.65-4.0 according to the distances,
1S=12parts, within 1/2S, I’d suggest u fixed the power at 3.65. 1/2S=6 parts, 1=89, 2=88, 3=87, 4=86,5=85, 4=84(1/2S)….10=80, 11=19, 12(1S)=78, I suggest 1S distance u use power at 3.75-3.8. 4.0 power can get 1.45S. remember, over one screen, with the distance longer, the power should be larger.

With wind influence.
First of all, calculate the 6in1power.
The upright and downright wind give the 6in1 power point more influence, the methods of calculation is like Trico 3in1, so I’d suggest u go to find a good Trico formula ( knat’s trico 6in1 power chart is not bad) as a reference, but still your own experiences is the most important, e.g, the upright wind scale is 20, I use 2.8power ( come from 3.65-20 X some wind factor ), can let the ss shot 6in1, then after u have read the BanPao formula, u should notice BanPao just fix power, calculating angle, so 2.8power is good to use BanPao, if have angle, u can count it out, then let the Turtle’s SS bombs 6in1! This shot sure can kill many girls, they will wow even if they get damn damage hurt, is it cool? Whenever I use turtle’s SS high angle 6in1, my darling always happy like a monkey, seeing she so happy, my heart was content.

Second, calculating the angle.
After calculating the power, then u right angle is the key of your cool 6in1 SS shot. Trico pros should know some fixed power points, then use Bao( some formulas like BanPao, XiaoPao, etc.) formulas to finish the 3in1 shot, though turtle high angle 6in1 shot is harder than trico 3in1, but they get a lot of commons, so if u want to be turtle high angle 6in1 pro, u should learn how to play trico well, after that, I think it is easier for u to use Turtle high angle 6in1.