Fixed power shooting is a method of aiming using the same power level every time. By simply changing your angle you can hit different parts of the screen. There are several methods of fixed power shooting, and there are also fixed angle shooting methods and even one that has you change both angle and power for different shots.

I prefer fixed power shooting because it is accurate, it involves calculations (which I find fun, you might not), and because changing your angle isn't as subtle or tricky as changing your power... any dummy can correctly change his angle if he follows the formula, while not every player can accurately alter their power by exactly the right amount to make an important shot.

The following chart shows the fixed power method I prefer, which I call the cbchui method. Imagine the screen divided evenly into 30 parts. In 0 wind, angle 60 hits 1 screen away, angle 90 hits yourself, and the thirty angles in between hit different parts of the screen in between.

You may be wondering about what happens in other winds. For teaching purposes we'll deal with zero/one wind first. Later I'll explain how to adjust for wind.

NOTE: Some of the power levels may be inaccurate. The power shown on the bar is probably more correct than the numbers on the right.

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