hi, a few corrections:
1. from "Real Name" on (including "Real Name") are all optional information, you don't have to put in anything if you dun wanna

2. id numbers in china have upgraded to 18 digits, though 15-digit id numbers also can be used, in gunbound this is for finding lost passwords

here's something for making fake 15-digit id numbers (might be real ;))
the first 6 digits are your city and the area where you were born (those 6 digits can be divided further down, but i'm not going to) the next 6 digits are your birthdate (yymmdd), the last three i'm not sure what they are (i think it's for distiguishing same birthplace, same birthdate ppl), though i know that if it's a even number it says the person is female and odd is male

3. and the "Province Share" is a bad translation, it just means the province that you are in