nak guide (beginner stage)(public guide) by guardiangel
it has been troubling me for a long time that i dun wanna share any info about nak...
for a long long time =.= and... been kinda lazy and stuff... and i realise that...
i m suking... due to that "stress" i made for myself whether to post a guide... so
YES i will post my guide and here it is...

beginner's version part 1.... intermediate advanced and pro will be slowly updated into
the hidden guides forum

chapter 1
melee battles

nak is a very good bot for close range... that most people know.... but i have witnessed
alot of mistakes in close range... people use 10-20 Ngle... which is a mistake.. a very
bad 1... what ur trying to do when u do melee shots... when u dual... is to get BOTH shots
to land on the SAME spot as close to each other as possible.... low Ngles will cause it to
go further apart... melee is ez when winds are AGAINST u... but what if they are pointing
toward the enemy? then u have a problem....

when wind is pointing against enemy and lets say ur above him by alittle... change ur
shooting mode to DRAG... dual and leave abit of space... and just click ur mouse,..
thats the most effective rather than gambling whether u can walk all the way to the
OTHER side where the wind is against and shoot or even suicide urself with him

when u are having melee battles... its best to stay above... or below the enemy... if
ur at the same lvl... u are at a disadvantage... nak is NOT armor... u must let the ball
SLIDE to the opponent... NOT hit him with it....

nak can be said to be the hardest bot... its harder than trico coz u have formulas for
trico... but the only formula that exist for nak is full power or alittle of 1/2 screens
of here and there... and what if land heights are different? melee is a good way for nak
to SAVE UR TEAM and not cause ur team to lose... when ur a nak... u realise that EVERY of
ur shot counts... ur miss could cause bad land in ur future shots... ur enemy's misses
might also contribute to the down turn of the game...

Chapter 2
Things u should know

Creedo contributed to a nak guide in GB HL blah blah forums on nak... which is not
true which i would like to state the facts... sometimes hwen u shoot underground...
it explodes... y? do not point ur arrow at a sharp point... alwaes point it INTO a
concave curve... if it still explodes... its GIS's bug... not ur fault... =)
according to creedo its coz u dun add enuff power... i shotgun once underground and
that happened... 4 bars ^^ could u teach me how to reach 5 bars? =)
(Creedo's note, not written by guardianangel: pfft that's not what I said but anyhow :D)

my favourite Ngle is Ngle 30 which is also the default given Ngle for nak... its the
most useful Ngle in game... Ngle 30 from many parts of metamine can hit many corners
and send snipers in an impossible situation... slowly drain away their turns by
makeing Ngle then finally bunging them when they are at the corners...

another thing i get alot of questions about is shot 1 and SS... YES they ARE the same..
when SS is going down... it SEEMS faster so people think its heavier... well its not...
same weight... shot 2 is the same where it lands... its just how the curve goes...

Chapter 3
Know ur shots...

one of the most important part of nak is knowing ur shots... firstly like what i posted
in many nak threats... u must know where ur land will land and where it will hit... its
the 2 main factors... its just like trico... thats y i say trico is not harder than nak...
firstly u must know where it will LAND... then u must know HOW MUCH it will DIG...
and what Ngle will it go up at... how FAR will it go... this all depends on the wind
and the Ngle and power u use...
YES wind DOES affect ur underground shots but not as much as above the ground...

for tornadoes... its more complicated i will explain in detail in the next few stages
of the guide... the basic stuff u neeed to know is... if u shoot underground...
it will pass through the tornado without being affected.... while above it will be

knowing ur shots comes from constant practice... they way how i did it was is tarted
off with Ngle 30... then slowly 40 50 60 70 45 55 ...then slowly after time u will
know how the curve goes....

MUST KNOWS for nak... 1 screen for nak shot 2 = 79
1 screen for nak shot 1 = 76
BJSL Ngle 70shot 2 1/2 screen is about 2.1 full screen is about 3

next stage is intermediate...
covering high Ngles
up down shots

oops just another thing... lord is up for recuiting... and its back..
i'll be trailing for nak and trico
AOG will be trailing for armor mage turtle raon (if hes lazy give him _|_ this)
acespades will be trailing for boomer (he also wants to trail for every gay bot u
can think off) will make a threat specifically for trail rules and everything else =)