hi creedo, since gbpros forum is down, ill post my raon guide here , pls consider adding it to ur website my frens have been expecting it

Raon Guide
by IcyTalent

Have been planning to create this guide since weeks ago

-Pros and Cons
-Basic information
-More pictures

Pros and Cons

Pros ĀE
Nice angle range
Good bunging ability
Unique shot 2
Great supporter
Possible impressive combos

Cons ĀE
Bad movement
Weak shot 1
Weak SS
Tends to get little gold

Basic Information

Shot 1
Delay ĀE750
Damage ĀE100+ to 180+

Shot 1 is a very weak shot normally, but its strength lies in its ability to bunge and screw the opponentís angle. It is also used as a test shot, a delay-beating shot, or an angle making shot. However, the power of this shot is increased greatly when weather effects like thor, lightning and force steps in.

Later on in this guide, other uses of shot 1 will be explained.

Shot 2
Delay ĀE900
Damage ĀE250+ - 300+!!

Shot 2 is the main weapon of Raon. It can be very deadly, or can be just a tool to make you lose. This shot creates 2 Raon mines which will not always cause damage on contact. Instead, the mines will land on the ground, and when there are players close by, the indicator on the minesĀEhead will turn red, which means it will move towards the target on your next turn. If the indicator on the minesĀEhead is green, that means it will stay in the spot, There are many ways to play with this shot, which will be explained later on.

Delay ĀE1300
Damage ĀE200+ - 300+

Raon has a weak SS, but that doesnít mean it is useless. Raonís SS has a unique feature which can be very beneficial or very annoying. Once u fire this shot, a big Raon toy will start walking in the direction of your shot, provided that the land isnít too steep for it to walk over, and it will explode upon contact on the first target it meets. A target is not just a player, it can be another Raon mine or just a dead mobile. If there is nothing in its path, it will continue walking and explode after about 5 to 6 seconds.


Raon can be a supporter or a killer in the game. I will explain the uses of each shot.
Usually a high angle would be recommended when no shotgunning is involved.

Shot 1

Shot 1 is often used as a test shot, bunge shot, or a shot to combo with shot 2.
Using a high angle works a lot better than using a low angle, because shot 1 eats land. Hitting with a high angle right in front of an enemy can put him into a ďniceĀEhole, where he might lose his angle. Angle killing is a very important technique when you are up against an asate or armor.
Shot 1 can be used to beat delay too. In situations when shotgunning a shot 2 is possible, but the enemy has like 600 hp left, you might be able to do a shot 1 first to beat his delay, then dual shot 2 next turn.
In other situations, you might be able to use this method to get an extra shot 1, then dual shot 1 next turn.
Note: Avoid tapping a shot 1 because you will tend to take some damage due to the area of the shot.

Shot 2

There are many ways to play this killer shot. The simplest is to shotgun, by aiming directly at the targetís feet, not too low and not too high. A successful shotgun will cause the 2 mines to explode on contact, causing damages around 250 to 300+. If you have a sure-hit shotgun, dual it if delay doesnít matter, but always remember, the target mustnít fall down after the first shotgun.
You can surround a target with 2 mines with shot 2, which will make them trapped if they donít wish to take any damage.
Like this -

For this method, the higher your angle is, the less spread there will be. Spread refers to the distance between the 2 mines upon landing. To make the 2 mines stay as close as possible together when they land, the best would be angle 90, or angle 0. Here is a simple graph to show the spread of the mines depending on angle.

The closer your angle is to 90, or 0, the lesser the spread will be, therefore, I use a high angle for shot 2 whenever possible.
The closer your angle is to 45, the larger the spread will be, which means that the 2 mines will be very far apart, which can be bad, but it can be used as a method to set mines on 2 close targets.
Thus, the spread of shot 2 mines depends on the angle, not the wind.

Shot 2 can also be used as a preemptive attack. You can lay mines on the spot where an opponent is going to land, thus having an advantage when he lands.

If you dual a shot 2 which doesnít explode on contact, and doesnít surround the target, the target can easily move away to avoid the mines, if he has enough movement. Thus, combining shot 2ís effect with shot 1 can prove to be useful.

There are 2 ways to combo shot 2 with shot 1, using dual+.
First, it is to use a dual+ with shot 1 first. With an accurate hit, the target will fall into a hole with 2 mines surrounding him, allowing little or no escape. This strategy is quite common.

The second method is to use a dual+ with shot 2 first. This is an uncommon method, but I like it. It works best with high angles, and I mean really high ones, like 80+. The aim is to make the mines land very close to the enemy, cramped together, then making both the mines explode with the following shot 1, causing more damage, such as 450 =)

Here is an example (I took the screenshot before the final damage was shown, which is around 390)

I donít have a screenshot of a shotgun, but it is easy to do anyway, and a dual can do as high as 700+ damage =)
Other than using shotgun, I believe there is only one other way to make the 2 mines explode on contact, which is to use angle 89, or possibly angle 88. Here is a screenshot where I used a dual+ with shot 2 first, but the mines exploded before my shot 1 hit.

Lastly, shot 2 can be used to boost the damage of your teammate. If you make the mines land on the target but doesnít explode, your teammate can shoot at the same target to deal extra damage. For example, a nak shot 2 with thor on a target with 2 mines on him will cause 500+ damage =)

That concludes the uses of shot 2
There are more tricks, but I think theyíre shown in other guides already.


Raon SS is weak, but it is used as a tool to kill a target without much skill. If an enemy is quite far away, and if there is no obstacles on the land, a Raon SS can walk towards the enemy even if you are not sure of the power needed.

In solo games, sometimes you need to help your teammate to kill a dangerous foe but you are unsure of the angle and power. A Raon SS can come in handy here.

IMPORTANT: Raon SS is lighter than shot 1 and shot 2, make sure you keep this in mind.

Raon SS is difficult to use if the enemy is on a pillar or pixel with no land surrounding him. You have to be very precise to make the SS explode on contact.
If the enemy is in a hole, it is very easy to hit him with SS.


Raon is not entirely about shooting with feel. Sometimes you need formulas to ensure hits, or to lay mines accurately.

Here is a picture showing the full power angle distances for Raon in 0 wind.

I prefer to use full power shots even in non-null winds, because the angles are high enough to keep the spread of shot 2 to a minimum. You can refer to these charts made by SirLaMorts to adjust when wind is present.

In situations when full power shots are not possible, switch to fixed 2.6 method or banpao.
For the 2.6 method, 2.6 power is used for shot 1, but I believe shot 2 only requires 2.5 power. A shot 1 with 2.5 power can cause the enemy to fall into a hole. Use Creedoís windchart for this method. One screen is divided into 30 parts, if you can recall the Armor 2.4 formula.

Using banpao will allow you to have a higher angle for your shots. For banpao, there are 3 fixed power levels for certain distances. One screen is divided into 20 parts, half screen is divided into 10 parts.
Within half screen ĀE2.9/2.95
Half screen to 1 screen ĀE3.0/3.05
1 screen to 1.5 screen ĀE3.1/3.15

Here is the windchart, I believe it is created by talent1127

The most interior angles are used for distances within half screen
The middle angles are used for distances from half screen to 1 screen
The exterior angles are used for distances from 1 screen to 1.5 screen

Notice that I use formulas which do not involve low angles?
Yes, once again, its better to use a high angle for Raon unless you are shotgunning =)

More pictures

A shot 2 with minimum spread in a mid wind, with angle 90 =)

A high angle shot 2 dual with 2 mines exploding on contact

A close to full power backshot done at long range

A full power bunge with shot 1

Thatís all
Hope you guys can have fun playing with Raon, proving that its not a crappy mobile =)

Credits- creedo(windchart), talent1127(windchart), sirlamort(windchart) and everyone who played with me
This guide is written by IcyTalent.