hmm okay , where to start this off? yeah 32* is the usual low angle which people use
to shoot with nak. because it shoots at a low angle, it hits them in their weak spot,
doing the most dmg. 32 degree angle is very useful because wind doesn't affect it much,
making it quicker to calculate rather a higher angle. However, up and down wins affect
it a lot, but while left and right wind not much.

all the methods i make / use i use the power bar as an aiming guide. why? it is a
practical way while always being accurate and uhhh i cant split the screen into 30
parts in my head?!?!?!

always line the back of your mobile with the beginning of the power bar (click
and hold right click and drag into place)

32* degree shots
1/4 power bar : .5 power
1/2 power bar : 1.1 power
3/4 power bar : 1.3 power
4/4 power bar : 1.6 power
till the edge : 2.0 power

If the guy is inbetween two of those angles, just add or subtract a little power


if the enemy is beyond your point of view, drag your mobile to the edge of the screen
and use the following to aim by:

to the 4/4 power bar : 2.1 power
1 full screen : 2.4 power


another thing i must talk about. if the enemy is on different levels, you have to
shoot differently too. here i have shown some different levels.

the main 3 levels you will be usually shooting from are shown below. shooting from
one level to another is each ~.1 or a little higher power.
shooting from level 1 to 2.... change power ~.1 or little more power
shooting from level 1 to 3..... change power ~.2 or a little more power
etc etc.

showing example:

the guy is a little higher than me,... therefore i use .1 more power than i
regulary use. so i would use 1.2 or 1.25 power.


i don't really have a "REAL" windchart written up or made....
i usually estimate how much to add or whatever but i will give my words.

tailwind ->
doesn't affect shot much, if it is super high like 20+, maybe subtract ~.1
or less power

wind against you <-
same as tail, doesnt affect much , but as the winds get really high like 20+,
AND they are really far away... depending how far away they are add about .1 or .2 power

up wind ^
this affects shot a lot. i think about 5 wind is .1 power? something like that.
i think when its like 20 up wind, i subtract ~.4 power.

down wind \/
affects shot much too. i think 5 wind down is almost .1 power.... and maybe
like 20 downwind is like change .4 power too.... maybe a reasonable formula
to say is change .1 power for every 5 wind? (not confirmed, i might try this out
and change my guide a little later)

Creedo's note - Soyabean and phantomD, who specialize in formulas, have added
some useful info or corrections below:
Just some information:

For a perfect tail wind , the factor is about 75/1000 for 1 screen distance,
let's say if the wind is 20, you have to adjust 0.15 power. Therefore it's about
0.04 power to adjust for each 5 wind . Always remember, if your target's distance
is 1/4 of screen, the power to adjust needs to be multiplied by 0.5.

For a wind that goes against you perfectly , the factor is about 90/1000 for 1
screen distance, let's say if the wind is 20, you have to adjust 0.18 power.
Therefore it's 0.045 for each 5 wind .

For a perfect up-wind , its factor is about 12/1000 for 1 screen distance, that
means, if the wind is 20, you have to adjust 0.24, each 5 wind = 0.06 power to adjust.

For a perfect down-wind , its factor is 10/1000 for 1 screen distance, that means,
if the wind is 20, you have to adjust 0.2, each 5 wind = 0.05 power to adjust.

0 angle tail wind is -0.1, not 0.15

0 angle against wind is +0.2

90 up is -0.2

90 down is ard +0.25

and for lesser distance of cuz u gotta use a smaller power change.. some good things
to note that the winds that affect u the strongest are those ard the +45 tail wind
region and those -45 head iwnd region.. max power change ard there can be up to 0.35...
weakest wind regions are those ard +45 head wind and -45 tail wind where highest power
change usually is ard 0.1... down wind max is ard 0.3 and up wind is max at ard 0.25