For any mobile, any distance.
By CreeDo

Angle = (Distance from enemy in full power high angle parts) - 2.

The formula relies on magic formula #5 (see
the info I wrote on gunbound 'magic formulas' under
"Stuff I've Written"). If you understand the next 2
paragraphs, you can make your own shotgun formulas
using 2, 3, or 4 bars

Basically, that formula says that for any power level,
a shot fired X angles below angle 45 will travel the
same distance as a shot fired X angles above 45.
So a full power shot fired at 30 angles over 45 (angle 75)
will travel the same distance as a shot fired 30 angles
under 45 (angle 15).

Thinking of it another way, a shot fired at 90 - X
angles will travel the same distance as shot fired
at 0 + X angles. So if your full power 1 screen shot
is 9 angles below 90 degrees (like boomer), then
angle 9, full power should also travel 1 screen.
Unfortunately, that formula doesn't work. I keep
finding it's NOT accurate within 1 screen or less.
It will almost always fly over the enemy's head
if you calculate this way. I'm not sure why. It
might be because your shot is coming from
a little bit above your mobile, but your target is the
center of the enemy mobile, not the air above them.

The solution is to lower 2 or 3 angles (usually 2 is fine)
to hit an enemy 1 screen away. For example, with Sate,
a 1 screen full power high angle is angle 78, 12 angles below
90. So you start with angle 12. Then you lower 2 angles.
So a 1 screen shotgun for Sate is angle 10, not 12.
Once you know to make this small 2 angle adjustment,
you can hit shotguns at very long ranges with great accuracy.

If you don't get it yet, here's a simpler explanation.

1. If you already know your bot's full power high angle shots,
measure how many parts there are between you and the target.
For example, 1 screen for Armor and Turtle is angle 79.
90-79 is 11, so it's 11 parts per screen roughly. So an enemy
2 screens away is 22 parts away. It's actually 23 - the further
your high angle shots have to travel, the smaller the distance
is between each angle.

2. The number of parts between you and the enemy = the
angle you must fire at (using full power) to shotgun them, almost.
So in the above example, 2 screen distances was 23 parts.
Angle 23 is your basic angle... but don't forget:
now lower 2 angles, for the reasons explained earlier.
Your final angle should be 21 full to hit 2 screens away.


* In short ranges, like inside 1 screen, it's easier to just
'eyeball' the shot.

* Height differences matter a lot for shotguns, you might
both be on relatively flat ground on miramo town for
example, but the hill you're on might be taller than the hill
the enemy is on, so you'd need to shoot 2 or 3 angles lower
to compensate.

* Don't be stupid and clip a teammate who is sitting
between you and your target. Your angle is so low you
might not be able to clear the land or other mobiles
in between you and the target.

* Wind doesn't matter match, you only raise or lower
by 1 or 2 angles usually. This is backwards from the
usual wind adjustments you make when using high angles.
When you shotgun, raising your angle makes
the shot go further, so you raise angle when
wind is down and against, and lower angle when
wind is up and towards.

* A bit of trivia, angle 14 full (almost 1 and 2/3 screens)
is the minimum distance needed to do a shotgun boomer SS.

* For nados I usually shoot about 3.5 bars (if the nado's
in front of me) and do fine. For nados closer to the enemy,
almost no adjustment is needed. You may need to raise 1