Mage's guide , done by pidarasik aka bannedwand.

You've got to memorise a bit.

High angles, power 3.0 bar.

Ultra high anlges, power 4.0 bar.

Now you are able to hit any spot within 1 screen in 0 wind with 100 % accuracy.(Adjust power if needed).

What to do with the wind ? Let's look at the few examples below:

That was a fixed power shot. (see high angles 3rd bar)

That was fixed power shot. (see high angles 3rd bar)

That was ultra high angle full power shot. (Basic angle is 88, in this case you dont have to use my crazy way, you can use your feel, because it is not a far distance, the only reason I shot in this crazy way is to get more money from the bonus and this wind is one of the easiest winds to adjust).

Fixed power shot, 3rd bar. (See high angles)

Ultra high angle shot. Just to show you how accurate you can be if you use the spots from the ultra high angle guide.

This shot is not as hard as it may seem to you. I used 85 degree full power+wind adjustment. Sometimes in the game the wind is so strong that you have to rise your angle by 12-17 degree, for mage it is easy, mobility is good enough to move and climb on some pixels and get the neccesary angle. 85 < that way became 84 >that way.

This shot is similar to the one above, because it has the same wind factor(x0.6). I had very precise distance (84 degree,full power). You may ask me where did I get wind factor, see wind charts by Philoburn, home made wind chart by CreeDo(easy to remember), half-toss wind chart by Knat.

I hope it was understandable. If you have any questions feel free to msg me in the game ID:bannedwand, or thai server ID:pidarasik.