Ice Advanced Tactics Guide Beta 0.999 (almost complete)

By: mezzaninex

Foreword: I create this guide knowing that there are already perfectly nice guides out there on ice. However, I feel that I have unique ideas for the mobile.

Added from original to 0.5:
-Shooting Pixel Floaters
-Big, Easy to Find, Titles
-Pictures of Shot Origins
-Ultra High Angle Guide of my own
-What to do if shot is blocked
-More pictures...
-Text itself went from 16 to 22kb

Added from 0.5 to 0.9:
-Pictures of Projectiles
-Dual+ shooting Info
-Shooting over Corpses
-Conquering Simple Shot Problems
-Text itself went from 22 to 25kb
-Fixed Minor Mistakes
-Added more Thanks

From 0.9 to 0.99
-Fixed all spelling errors
-Minor clarifications

Things I want to add:
-Picture for Fixed Angle 30 Shooting
-Better Picture for Fixed Angle 50 Shooting
-Over 1 Screen Shooting At Fixed Angle 70

-This section talks about
-The good and bad of ice
-base delay
-type of mobile
-delay/damage ratio
-About Shot Origin
-About Defense Lowering
-and more!

-This is Strategy #1, useful in 90% of cases
-This section talks about
-Items to bring, and all about them
-How to use those items
-How to Shoot Dual+
-What to do if something messes up

-This is Strategy #2, almost UNBEATABLE
-This section talks about
-Items to bring, and all about them
-How to use those items
-What to do if something messes up

-Tells you how to shoot like a PRO
-Fixed Power Shooting
-Ultra High angles (full power shooting)
-Fixed Angle Shooting
-True Angle
-Power Marker

-Drag Shot
-Reading Delay

Ice is a very basic seeming mobile. The shots don't hook, they do not spin, refuse to call down other forces, or even walk around. The only complication of ice is that its firing points are different. Shot 1 comes up high from the cannon, shot 2 comes from below, out of the mammoth's trunk. Ice has the highest health in the game, but deals low damage. Its delay isn't impressive without using items. However, Ice has the ability to lower the defense of enemies. This is very important.


Ice Intro by Softnyx:

My Intro to Ice:

Good Things about Ice:
-HUGE True angle
-Most Health of any mobile
-Heals work for it better then any other mobile
-Capable of dealing good damage with the right items
-Weather has an unusually strong effect on shots
-Average movement, Reasonable Climb
-Can Bunge very well
-Can lower the enemy's defense
-Shot 1 has VERY high firing point

Bad Things about Ice:
-Only OK defense
-Weak Damage without items
-Broken SS (doesn't work correctly)
-Shot 2 and SS have low firing point
-Gets too routine after you master it.

Weapon Type: Hit
-strong attack against Shied defense
-weak against Machine defense

Defense Type: Creature
-strong defense against Electric attacks
-weak against Laser attacks

NOTE: Because of Ice's type advantages and disadvantages,
-Raon, and Knight have the biggest type advantage over Ice.
-Ice is strongest type-wise against Lightning and JD.

Health: ~1200

NOTE: Ice is the king of health, average health of non shield mobiles is 1045. 2nd place is 1100 health.
-This 156 more then average health is very important because most item strategies expect you to have 1000-1100 health.
-2 duals WILL NOT kill an ice.
-Playing ice, you will find that you have tiny amounts of health left by "luck" very often.
-Heals are especially useful for ice. It is creature with a ton of health, so it gets every special benefit possible out of heals.


***All shot damages are for unmodified defense, and perfectly clean hits***

Shot 1 information

Shortest delay: 740
Damage: 110-120
Delay/Damage Ratio: 6.16
Defense Lowering: 0
Weight: Light
Origin: Cannon (very high)
Angle: (on perfectly flat land)
-Perfectly centered between high angles and low angles, your starting angle is 45
-Highest True angle is 60, Lowest is 30
-Highest (Untrue) angle is 70, Lowest (Untrue) angle is 20
About: Shot 1 is a low delay, low damage shot that looks like a pointed icicle. It destroys a very significant amount of land, and has a larger blast radius then shot 2. The shot origin is very high, coming out of the cannon mounted on top of the mammoth. This is useful when you need to shoot over an obstacle that it right in your face, such as when you are in a deep hole. The low delay of this shot is useful when you are worried about an opponent gaining another turn do to delay.
Also, you can gain another turn by using this when the enemy's delay is very high compared to yours. Strategies involving delay will be discussed later.

Shot 1 Origin is SO high, that you can have corpses blocking enemy shots at you while you shoot over it

Shot 2 information

Shortest delay: 890
Starting Damage: 190-230
Delay/Damage Ratio: 4.45
Defense Lowering: 5
Weight: Light
Origin: Trunk (low)
Angle: Exactly the same as shot 1
About: Ice's main ability is in the fact that it can actually lower your enemy's defense. The shot looks like a round snowball. The blast radius is very small compared to shot one, and land damage is minimal. Shot 2 has a low damage for its delay, however, because of defense lowering, shot 2 will do more and more damage as the enemy's defense goes down.
Because shot 2's firing point is lower then shot 1, problems are presented. Ice is the only mobile with 2 separate firing points. Shot 2 can be blocked by land when you are in a pit, and you will hit yourself if your shot is blocked, as well as lower 5 of your own defense. This would be sad.

Special Shot (SS) information

Shortest delay: 1290
Starting Damage: 190
Delay/Damage Ratio: 6.78
Defense Lowering: 5 (should be 20, there is glitch)
Weight: Light
Origin: Trunk (low)
Angle: (on perfectly flat land)
-All true angle
-Perfectly centered between high angles and low angles, your starting angle is 45
-Highest True angle is 60, Lowest is 30
About: The SS is a very useless shot at the moment. It is a shot 2 with 400 extra delay. Do not use this shot. If this shot were to be fixed, it would lower 20 defense, and be an excellent shot to make the rest of your shots do more damage.
When/if this is fixed, I will look into strategies for it.

Notice the difference of shot origin, and use my hat as a reference

About Shot Origin:
The way this guide will later teach you to shoot high angle and ultra high angle shots. This is for a good reason. Land will rarely block your shot. Shot 1 should never be blocked, unless you have a ceiling. However shot 2 and SS are another story. If ice is pressed up against a wall and its nose is in the ground, you cannot shoot, or you will hit yourself! My tactic to overcome this is simple. They need a high angle to hit you, or else they will hit the land in front of you and clear you a shot. SO... if you use shot 1 to screw their angle by shooting the mountain the are on, you have the superior angle, and they can't hit you. They will probably TRY to shoot you anyway, and clear the land in front of you (giving you a shot) or will not be able to hit you. If you find that the wind is strongly with you and you can't hit them at all because they make a cliff that looms over you, (like a JD trapper) move to the opposite side and do a backshot.
<---Strong Wind
X/--\_________________ __________
---------------------/ /----------
X=Enemy O=You

If the wind is in the other direction, move to the other side of the hole (that way--> in the illustration) and shoot backwards at them. Ice has such a large angle that you can get an ultra high angle to hit them in most cases.
However, if that shot is not possible, it is wise to clear room for your shot 2. To do this, use shot 1 on the cliff in front of you, do NOT try to clear with shot 2.

Simple Shot Problems
When using shot 1, and it barely makes it over an obstacle, shot 2 will not make it. This is why you should try for a higher angle.


X is the enemy
O is you
You shoot a low shot that barely makes it over and hits the enemy. Then you try shot 2 and it takes a chunk out of the hill. OR you dual+ and only shot 1 makes it. In this case you should try for the highest angle you can get to hit them instead of trying to low lob over the hill, even if it takes you longer to set up your shot.

Shooting at pixel Floaters:
Ice origin matters somewhat if you are trying to shoot somebody on a pixel floating around 45 degrees from you. Although shot 1 and 2 go the same distance, they take different paths in the air (most dramatically at 45 degree shotgun)

Note that shot 1 is higher and shot 2 is lower and keep it in mind when you aim direct shots.
How to Shotgun:

__ __
--\ /--
----\ /----

Shot 1 and 2 are at different heights, so a dual+ shotgun like this would fail miserably if you do it wrong. If you hit their middle with shot 1, it should bunge enough for shot 2 to hit. Shotgunning can be important because it does maximum damage, unlike lobbing.

The distance between shots is only that of a mage shot 2, you can still get both to hit (if they are spread out somehow).

The box is mobile hit box, pretend this is coming as a 45 degree shotgun

____|_ |
|_____| |

But you can easily aim correctly and hit both:


Shotgunning seems to do a significant amount more damage, but it isnít really required to win with the dual+ dual+ dual tactic.

About Defense Lowering:
Ice is the only bot in gunbound that can lower the defense of your enemy. When you do any damage to an enemy with shot 2 or SS, their defense is lowered. A small negative number with (DEF) next to it will appear above the enemy's health, to the right side. This number signifies how much defense has been lowered. The minimum defense that a mobile can have is -50. When an enemy tags in tag game mode, the 2nd bot will not have negative defense. However, if he changes back to the original bot, the negative defense it had will be remembered and unchanged. In score mode, the defense is kept the entire game, even after the enemy lands after dieing. Because of this, Ice has the biggest advantage in Score mode.


Dual+ is an essential item for ice in a majority of games. Most games are Dual and Dual+ only games. Working with this, ice is very powerful with 2 Dual+ and 1 Dual.

Dual+ (shot 1 selected)
Shortest Delay: 990
Starting Damage: 290-310
Delay/Damage Ratio: 3.3
-At -10 (or less) defense: 350+
Defense Lowering: 5
Origin: Both the Trunk, and the Cannon.
About: Because shot 1 was selected when you shot, shot 1 comes out first, then shot 2. This also gives you MUCH less delay then if you selected shot 2. Dual+ for ice is like a shot 2, only it adds about 100 extra damage for 100 more delay. (This is an extremely good deal!) Just like a shot 2, you must watch out for the clearance of the trunk.

Dual (shot 2 selected)
Shortest Delay: 1490
Starting Damage: 380-400
Delay/Damage Ratio: 3.8
-At -15 (or less) defense: 400+
Defense Lowering: 10
Origin: Trunk (low)
About: This is the finishing shot. When you want to kill someone, the slightly higher damage is crucial. This shot should be used to kill someone with 1/3 to 2/5 health. It will NOT kill a 1/2 health enemy reliably, unless there is any type of weather. With weather, you can easily pull off 600 damage as a finishing shot.


A good delay:damage ratio is crucial in gunbound. Dual+ gives you a 3.3! (The lower, the better) Compare that with the other shots ice has: shot 1 is 6.16, shot 2 is 4.45, SS is 6.78, and dual is 3.8

Because delay is not an issue on the game winning shot, a dual is used at the end.


There are 2 ways of playing ice. Dealing damage, and Taking it.
Dealing damage is a good strategy because so many games are dual and dual+ only.

You want to start our your turn powerfully. If you are sure of a shot, dual+ first turn. If you are not so sure, use the low delay shot 1 as a test. If you do 2 dual+ in a row, they should be significantly damaged. If their health is at about 40-45% of the life bar, you should be then able to kill them with a dual. If you are out of dual+ and they have about 1/2 life, use shot 2 on them before the final dual.

How to Shoot Dual+
Because shot 1 bunges a little, you should hit either their front, or the land right at their feet. If you hit the middle of them, it will lower them and shot 2 will fly slightly over their head. Because of the shot 1 bunge, this gives the illusion of the shots flying distances, but I am sure that they go exactly the same distance.

Shots will do more damage over time. A dual+ does more damage the second time. The final dual will do about 400 damage if you dual+ twice before, and hit them with one more shot 2. In score, you can get their defense much lower. At the end of score games in double death, you will be doing around 500 with your shot 2. If you somehow get their defense to -50, by slightly missing, you will do insane damage.

With weather, Ice is devastating! A 460 dual+ with Thor is not difficult at all (2.15 delay/damage ratio!). Force also seems to help Ice more then other mobiles. A shot 2 through force (not lobbed, just thrown through) at a -15 defense foe did 288 damage (3 delay/damage ratio)! Because Ice doesn't need to deal much damage, weather that slightly helps strong bots GREATLY helps ice.

Hypothetically, in a land where Thor does 100 damage and ice has given the enemy about -5 negative defense:
500 damage armor dual + 100 Thor = 600. Thor makes up 16.6% of the damage.
320 damage ice Dual+ added to 100 Thor = 420. Thor makes up 23.8% of the damage.
(This varies from my actual shot [460] because Thor doesn't do 100 damage)


...but doing damage comes second to TAKING it with ice. Ice can take a lot of punishment. This usually throws off your opponent from their normal tactics. Heals are a very useful item for ice. Even more useful then Dual+! An ice with 6 Band-Aids is both aggravating and astonishing. You MUST bunge it to win! So make their life hard :)

However, if you feel that you are in risk of being bunged (Ex. they pick Bigfoot, Raon, JD), you should invest in a teleport and sacrifice 2 Band-Aids.

Band-Aids: Recovers slight amount of energy. Life forms gain an additional 5%.
-Ice is a creature
-Heals are based on % and Ice has LOTS of health.

Band-Aid Stats on Ice:
Healing Power: ~234 health

Shortest Delay for Shot 1: 840
Shortest Delay for Shot 2: 990
Shot 1 delay/damage ratio: [840/(115+234)]= 2.4 WOW
Shot 2 delay/damage ratio: [990/(210+234)]= 2.22

Shot 2 + Band-Aid is amazing!!!
-Only 1 Slot Item!
-About Armor shot 2 delay with about 2 times the efficiency!


Medpack: Recovers 25% of the user's energy. Life forms gain an additional 5%.
-Ice is a creature, so gets 30% more health.

Medpack Stats on Ice:
Healing Power: ~360 health

Shortest Delay for Shot 1: 1040
Shortest Delay for Shot 2: 1190
Shot 1 delay/damage ratio: [1040/(115+360)]= 2.18 (such high delay, but wow)
Shot 2 delay/damage ratio: [1190/(210+360)]= 2.08 (best ratio in the game!!)

Medpack wins on best delay ratio ever, but I would say that Band-Aids win! You can pack TWICE AS MANY psmily.gif:

So the tactic is, when you fall to 2/3 health, heal and use shot 2 at the same time. When you have enough health, use just shot 2. For your first shot, use shot 1 to conserve delay. With 6 Band-Aids, ice has about 2,600 health! (And still deals damage at the same time)

Trading 2 Band-Aids for a teleport looses you about 500 health, but you wonít be bunged.


Ice is very straightforward shooting.
Contrary to myth, shot 2 lands in EXACTLY the same place as shot 1 on flat land.
I tested it OVER AND OVER AND OVER with Shaft, and they landed the same in all types of wind.

Ice's shots are tied for 2nd lightest in the game with JD. Boomer is first.


Cbchui shooting method (Fixed Power)
-Originally for armor, I adapted it for Ice.

The playing screen is broken into 30 parts.
Credit to Caleb of .C forums

90 hits you,
85 is 1/6 screen,
-(82/83 is 1/4)
80 is 2/6,
75 is 3/6 (HALF),
70 is 4/6,
-(66/67 is 3/4)
65 is 5/6.
60 is one screen.
You always use 2.2 Power. At longish distances such as 3/4 screen, you use 2.25 bars. At 1 screen+ you use 2.3 (about)

The marker is at your close range shooting power. The middle of the orange is midrange. The end of the orange is long range.

Switch to SS and back to make sure that you are in true angle. I regularly switch to SS and go to either the highest or the lowest angle. I stay away from angle 45 because when you are shooting without formulas, 45 has more distance for small power changes, and it hard to aim accurately.

Use the marker to mark 2.2 power so you can aim for it easier.

It is wise to get a piece of paper, and hold it to the edge of the screen (landscape direction) in-game. Put a mark where it touches 1/2 screen (middle of the wind gauge) and label it 75. Get a metric ruler and measure from the 75 mark to the starting edge. Divide the distance by 15 to get how many centimeters it is from one angle to the next. On my monitor size, it happened to by 1.1 cm. I then marked every 1.1 cm starting with the leading edge, and got a ruler for 0 wind shooting. Now that I have played Ice and memorized distances, I no longer need a ruler, however, it was an extremely useful learning tool.

If you have ever used boomer, you know that these distances between angles are the same as hook shots.
Ice is ideal for this method of shooting because of its large angle. You need high angles to hit where you want.
Another plus of this method is that your close shots are mostly high angles, and you get money from a hit.

My suggestion for wind compensation: keep the same angle, and use less or more power for winds 2-7. Winds higher then that are inaccurate to change power, and you should change your angle. For most medium winds, change 1 angle for every 2 wind. This will get you close. For long range, change 3 or 4 extra angles in addition to wind/2.


Ultra High Angles:
(Credit to Lithium for picture)

Ice has the same Ultra High angles as JD and Boomer!! And has a MUCH better angle then JD now. It also has a larger true angle then boomer. Ice is a high angle machine! Also, shot 1 and 2 land in the EXACT SAME PLACE. Don't be fooled!

The idea behind UHA is that you use 4 bars of power (full power). It is extremely simple to get full power with drag, you just move your mouse quickly to the end of the bar and donít stop. Each screen is broken into 9 parts. Angle 90 hits you, 81 hits the edge of the screen.

See the huge spaces in between? You can get half angles by using 3.8 bars of power. For example, to get in between angles 85 and 86 for half a screen, you would use angle 85 with 3.8 bars of power.

On this picture, the end of the meter is full power. Where orange and red meet is 3.8 bars, also called "unfull" in high angle terms.
The marker is at the "1 angle less" mark. Sometimes you can only get an angle like 84 in your true angle and the enemy is at 85. By using 3.6 bars (the marker) you can get the same distance as 85 with an 84 shot.

Wind Compensation:
Every 2 wind is roughly 1 angle different. For 2--> you should change 1 angle. For 10+ wind I would change 1 extra, and for 20+ I would change 2 extra. Correct me if Iím wrong.


Fixed Angle Shooting: (thank -SF- for bringing to my attention)
Always use Angle 50, and change your power. Most people do this without thinking about it. Fixed angle seems more natural then fixed power, but also has its disadvantages.
The power is extremely sensitive for fixed angle, and can be harder to control.
I include fixed angle shooting so that if you are stuck under a ceiling such as in metamine B, you can still hit decently.

Angle 50:
1/4 - 1.06
1/2 - 1.56
3/4 - 1.74
1/1 - 2.19

Angle 50 is a good angle for MetaMine B side, when you are stuck under the meduim height ceiling.

Angle 30:
1/4 1.2
1/2 1.6
3/4 2.0
1/1 2.3
*picture to be added later*
Angle 30 is a good angle for Stardust, when you are stuck under the low ceiling.


Over 1 Screen Distance Shooting:
For over 1 screen distance, I like to use fixed angle and change power method. Because all the rulers change at distance, it is hard to accurately find the correct angle with fixed power shooting.

1 screen at angle 70 is 2.7 power.

*more to come on this section, needs more testing*


Using delay well is the #1 important Pro skill to learn!

You should learn Drag Mode of shooting.
-It is much faster then slice for 2.2 and full power shots
-You have finer control over your power, instead of going by tenths, the bar can stop anywhere

In order to switch to drag, hit ESC in a game, and click DRAG and hit OK. Drag uses your mouse in stead of the spacebar.

You click your mouse and drag it to the right slowly or quickly to raise your power. You can go quickly, then slow down to get exactly the power you want very quickly. Every second spent is 10 more delay! After practice, an excellent player can take their shot in 0-1 seconds.

Both Attacking and Defending ice tactics depend on using very little delay in order to in against an enemy. However close these two tactics are to foolproof, good delay usage is a key factor to winning. Delay is listed in the bottom left corner of screen ... wait. Creedo wrote something on delay. AH here it is.
It is a very useful read. You reaaaaalllyyy need to read it :D

Delay guide

Special thanks to:
Shaft for helping test
Tooya for helping test
FrozenKO for his Ice Guide
Creedo for writing about cbchui formulas, and his extremely useful gunbound site, as well as his delay guide.
Rizzano for creating a great gunbound community
Kiwibonga for maintaining the forum and the Gunbound Guild League
VeXez for his mobile info
Cbchui for his fixed power method
Caleb of the .C Forums for his 30 part screen picture
-SF- For suggesting Fixed Angle Formulas
Dataslycer for suggesting firing point information and questioning my shot damages
Lithium for his excellent UHA chart
Nic01 for pointing out that lob shots that barely make it over a hill with 1 will hit the hill with 2

Also, extra special thanks to the rest of nS`T for being great players and EXTREMELY friendly, helpful, creative, reasonable people.

Thank you Softnyx for a wonderful gaming experience.

If you ever want to see my guide and strategies in action, just add me!

Thank you everyone who has read this!