dunno if anyone already posted this, but I couldn't find it :/ so here we go

this is a simple calculating trick I use for calculating nak shot 2 against the wind (and i think it works when wind is with you psmily.gif haven't tested it)

so...it is something simple, but first some pointers

1 screen = 80
half screen = 85
this is with shot 2, after the shot enters the earth and goes underground
but you can calculate shot 2 underground shots against the wind really easily, you just have to use 2/3rd's of the wind


Like this...let's say u have a perfect 85 full shot when it is wind 0, but wind changes and it is wind 21 against u
what do you do!? do you panic and yell at your mom for help? do you start crying and turn off your computer? or do u try calculating the wind?
if you chosen to calculate the wind, you just use simple math psmily.gif
2/3 of 21 = 14
then u subtract from your 85 angle, and you have a 71 full shot psmily.gif
don't believe me? try to use a 76 full and have fun :D

it is just a simple trick I use and works for me, I have no idea why does it works, but im not complaining psmily.gif
when wind is a little up/down and not exactly against you, you use your feel and use a little less power psmily.gif i'm too lazy to do a wind chart with exact values :)

hope this helps, and sorry if anyone has already posted this before :) couldn't really find

Credit to ZakkWylde for this trick.

This is my reply, it outlines my general method for wind adjustment.

that's a neat trick, I'm looking forward to trying it. I compared it to my own wind adjustment tricks for fun and it looks like a good estimation trick.

In your example I come up with the same angle adjustment using my own calc method:

start at angle 85
my own wind adjustment for strong wind is lower wind/2, then lower 2 more if wind is very strong. So I'd lower 12 angles. Then, I must keep in mind that in 0 wind, a half screen shot comes up at angle 85 but enters the ground at ~86. So it travels 1 angle forward while underground. But in this case the shot will not be moving 1 angle forward after passing underground, in fact it won't even be going straight up and down, it will be moving backward probably by the time it goes in the ground. So I need to plant the shot 1 angle behind the enemy instead of 1 angle in front of them. So I need to lower 2 angles. That's 14 angle adjustments like you said.

So the question is, will this work in other winds? I'll try 9 wind against. In such wind, I expect the shot to go straight up and down so:

1. Lower wind/2, then lower 1 more since wind is semi-strong. So I lower 5 angles.
2. Lower 1 more since I want the shot to enter the ground right on top of the enemy, not enter in front. That's 6 adjustments.

Wow, 2/3 works again.

Very nice tip, and much easier to calc than my method (if it really works every wind)... thanks for sharing it ^^