Power = Sqrt (Distance/((47.87^2)*SIN(2*A)*((1/(111.615+W*SINX))+(1/610)))*4

Distance = Distance in UHA Method (1 screen = 9 parts, you must used this range in the formula)

Power = the power you need to use in Bars
A = Nak Shooting Angle
W = Wind Power
X = Wind Angle

The term (1/(111.615+W*SINX) is used to take into account the vertical wind and it's effect on gravity, if you don't want to account for vertical wind just remve the term "+W*SINX" from the brackets so it becomes 1/111.615 . The formula doesn't take horizontal wind into account yet ....

The generic formula for all mobiles is :

Power = Sqrt (Distance/((47.87^2)*SIN(2*A)*(1/(G+W*SINX)))*4

Just change G for the gravity for the mobile you want just as mauvecow listed them in his gunbound physics post.