> Arthropod raon trix

For the high angle section, here's thing you might want to addz0r(I'm blood BTW, if you didn't recognize me):

-The ESS ESS goes as far as the farthest mine for shot 2
-The ESS ESS 1 screen is exactly 79
-The shot 1 land directly inbetween the two mines
-Shot 1's full screen is 78.5 angle
-Raon weight is funny and might require adjustements if you migrate from another bot
-If testing from shot 1, remove a pointer worth of power, not a thumb(doh)

For the mine tricks :

-Funnily enough, the bounce don't always land in a straight line. Sometimes it may take around a .4 cm distance more, and that's no good.
-89 full in certain occasions also work for high angle double pwnage.
-If two guys are somewhat close enough, 70 1 bar is what I'd say to use with mines
-Use this trick in combinaison with ADV mine slip : use a dual, press f8, then use a thunder. Thundered dual, and it can give up to 850 damage.


Raon Pseudo-Shotgun(1/4 shotgun) :
(1/4 bar if can't get low enuff angle for shotgun but can get inside their body width)

Angle 89~90 while almost directly above enemy, low power, drop raons on top of them.