Okay so I'd done a little research on Grub with the intention of making this guide, however I am a master in the art of procrastination and also kinda wanted to keep the knowledge to myself
However recently I've taught a few people grub and I've decided to finally get round to making this guide. Hope it's useful.

Grub? WTF? Noob bot!
This is what you're likely to hear if you choose grub, and they are by no means justified in saying this. Grub can be quite powerful if used correctly, you won't make as much money however
If I'm playing a guild match on miramo, chances are I'll use grub.. It's great fun.

I'll skip the delay etc, crap that you should know anyway.


Useful Powers

Angle 70 is the most important for grub and the only you'll need to know for shot 2.

1/4 SD = 1.3
1/2 SD = 1.9
3/4 SD = 2.3
4/4 SD = 2.7

Shot 2
The heart of Grub, what makes it. How does it work though? How do you get the most damage? Simple..

The trick to grub 4in1 is loosely angle 70 BJSL, that is to say you use a base angle of 70 in 0 wind and adjust the angle to account for any other wind.
Creedo's wind chart comes in handy for angle adjustment. Word of warning however, the closer the wind gets to being vertical (up or down) , the 4in1 gets less likely if you adjust angle only. You're better off adjusting power in this wind, anyway, here's Creedo's chart.

And what the end result should look like.

Note the wind is 12 against me, so I lower 6 degrees to angle 64 and use the power for 70 in 0 wind. Also note how the balls come down in a straight line.

Shot 1
Shot 1, it seems, is 2 degrees wrong. Not sure if this is intentional, it's a pain in the ass all the same. Use the same power as you would for shot 2, but adjust 2 degrees to the right (always to the right). See below.

I am at angle 88 to the right, wind is power 4 to the left... any other bot this should hit me in the face, however it instead travels 2 degrees distance to the left due to the bugged? angle.

Yes, the juicy stuff, one of the most lethal shots in the game. There are 3 ways of pulling this shot off, that I know of.

1) Sticky.
This works in downwind and on flat land. Walk right up next to them and tap, the ball should stay pretty much where it lands. It's best to use a reasonalbly high angle for this to ensure it doesn't go rolling about.
Another way is if they are pressed against a wall and there is strong wind pushing into the wall, the ball should pretty much stay pressed against the wall with your enemy.

Works in reasonably flat ground. This is where you use as high an angle as possible which means often full power. The ball goes up, comes down and bounces on the spot dealing some nice damage. Watch out for the roof though.

Here the red indicates the flight path and the terrain underneath the explosion.

3)In the hole. Enemy goes in hole, ball goes in hole, 'nuff said.

Putting it all to use
Ideally you should be playing on Miramo as it has nice slopes all around and beautiful weather. IMO Grub depends fully on weather effects, without them you're screwed. 8in1 with Thor/Force racks up a decent 450-600 damage, more than enough to help a friend out.

Lightning on the other hand can either be devestating or lemony. It's by far the best for Grub if you hit 8in1 right in the center of thier mobile, this will deal 500+ damage and put them in a 2 inch pit, wasting at least 1 of thier turns. If you can hit an armour through lightning you can pretty much say gg. If it doesn't hit the center, however, it won't deal too much damage and will create a pit beside them, doing more harm than good.

Pain (end result was ~600)

Nice angle rape.

OK so the idea is to constantly destroy the enemy's angle while doing enough damage to ensure you are useful. In team games try to keep the most powerful enemy in a bad spot while your team mates pick off the weaker. Um, yeah...

Hope this was useful (or at least vaguely interesting) to you all,