Gunbound room control

I. Making a room and getting people to play in it.
II. Controlling a room once you have the key.
III. Dealing with dickheads.
IV. Passing the key.
V. Raiding and dealing with raids.

I. Making a room and getting people to play in it.

First click "create" to create a room. The first thing you should look at is the
room number. High numbered rooms tend to get very few visitors, and so it's
harder to get a game to start. You want a low number. What's considered a low
number? In avatar off servers, which are quite busy, I'm happy with any room
lower than 300 or so. I might even keep one in the low 300's during busy times.
If you get anything below 200 you have a good room and should keep it. If you
get a room in the 500+ range, exit and try making a room again. Very high room
numbers are almost useless. In avatar off, you need even lower room numbers
because the servers are much less crowded.

Note that if you make a room and it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
If you make a room with a low number like "14" that's because the room number is
really 1,014. For some reason gunbound doesn't show the full room number.

If you have a room and don't wanna give it up, and want people to join, ask a
friend or two to join and help. If you have 4 ppl rdy, and need 2 more, it's
a lot easier than having 1 and needing 5 more. Also, if you have REALLY nice
friends, have them ready on team B. Then you can at least practice 1v1 if it
looks like nobody will come. Also, with a friend watching over the room, one
of you can go out into a main gunbound chatroom and ask people to join. It
actually works.

Lastly, if you're desperate, you can try to attract people with a title.
Sometimes making a friendly or funny title works ("Friendly room", "All welcome",
"free beer", "wand team all noob", etc etc). What doesn't seem to work is
"Ready in 5 or kick" (encourages people to stay and not ready, just to piss
you off) or "Rdy or fuk off" (same problem). You can also offer items, though
it's considered bad form to offer an item and not pay up. Very few people are
fooled anymore by "win = gold armour" but a few might try "Impress = Item" or
"Noob win x 2 = item". If you still can't get a game to start even with
decent conditions, consider lowering the game from 4:4 to 3:3 or from 3:3 to
2:2. If you have four on your side, ask one to leave or go over. If you're
ultimately desperate and nobody is staying because your team has high ranked
players, you can always change to the other team and sacrifice a win just to
get the game started. Don't ask a friend to join the other team just so he
can quit or TK though... that's lame. Play serious if you switch teams.

II. Controlling a room once you have the key.

When you're almost ready to start, it can get painful. Try to encourage
people to ready up once they join, but don't be a nazi cock about it. If you
ask them politely to ready up, they might just do it. If you say "I hate these
stupid pricks who join and don't ready, ready or fuk off you moron", they will
probably say "fuk you kick me" and make you waste a kick. KEEPING YOUR KICKS
isn't going to play, try to get them to leave without using a kick. If you're
forced to use a kick then do it but don't make a big deal about it and encourage
other lamers to force you to use more.

For example, a guy switches to your team without asking.
First ask politely "_________, go back over please". Then ask again
using /m "Sorry, we're full. Please go back to the other team.". It helps if
you know how to say it in spanish sometimes ("cambia, por favor."). If they
whine a bit like "but I wannnaaa stay on thiss teaaam", that's not bad - that
means they are at least human and willing to talk about it. By being cool and
friendly about it, you can usually get them to change back, i.e. "haha
we can't fit you because we're all friends. Sorry! Maybe next time." Some
people are a special breed and do not respond to friendliness, rudeness, or
anything in between. They pretend they're blind and don't speak english, they
ignore everything you say, they just sit on your team (apparently waiting for
they kick). When that happens, you're forced to do it, just quietly do it.
Don't comment about it. The more you talk about it and make a big deal about
it, the more likely it is some other guy will decide to teamswitch because he
thinks it's funny that you get worked up or angry over it. People like that
are assholes, but it's possible to avoid wasting a kick on them if they see
that nobody is going to feed their need for attention in your room.

Basically stay cool, always ask people to leave before using a kick (and ask
nicely), and you can keep your kicks. It's also a bad idea to kick a ready
player, no matter how they're acting. If they're talking trash or being a cock,
but they're ready... just /mute them. Don't boot a ready enemy unless that
person is preventing others from staying and readying... for example if
someone is a yellow chicken rank and playing bigfoot, 9/10 people who see that
player will leave because they don't want to play with a beginner using a
bot that's popular with noobs. By kicking that one chicken you might get
people to stay, so that's an exception to the rule. You also want to kick
anyone who is being abusive to people on the enemy's team and causing them
to not ready (i.e. getting them into an argument or encouraging them to steal
your key). Even something as innocent as spamming people's names rapidly can
be so irritating that you might need to kick the offender just to get people
to stay and play. The key thing to remember is to ask before you kick. It
won't always work, but every time it does work you save one of your five kicks.
This is especially true if someone comes in on your team and you are waiting
for a friend. Most people waste a kick here without even asking the person to
leave, but a lot of players will be cool and leave if you ask nicely.

III. Dealing with dickheads.

If asking politely and being cool doesn't work, the other guy is probably a
dickhead. Dickheads live to make you waste kicks and lose key. They're only
looking for attention, so don't give them any. There are some tactics you can
use -
1. Wait patiently and quietly. Dickheads with short attention spans might leave.
2. Kick quietly and hope no more join.
3. When you've done too much of option 2, you can make an example and kick
everyone who isn't ready, not just the dickhead, and keep kicking everyone on
the enemy team until your key is dropped. It's better to do that and drop your
key to a friend than to slowly kick the dickheads 1 at a time, so that there's
still a 50/50 chance it ends up with someone on the enemy team.
4. The long wait - your last resort... this is when you've used up 4 kicks
and one more kick will absolutely lose your key. If an enemy is being an ass
and trying to get you to use that last kick, then don't. Sit and wait patiently.
Ask your buddies to do the same. Have everyone unready on your team and tell them
to just go afk for 10 minutes. If someone is determined to ruin your game,
you can at least force them to waste a ton of time doing it. Also, at some
point people on the enemy team will start to leave. If it ever reaches a point
where there are... let's say 2 people on the enemy team and 4 on your side...
just kick one of the enemies quickly. That way there's only 1 enemy left, which
means there's only a 1 in 4 chance that the key will end up on the wrong team.
Sometimes, very rarely, threats to report the other person will have an effect.
Tell them you're filling out the form while you wait and screencapped their
text. Hell, you can even actually try reporting them if you want... I don't
know if softnyx does anything about it. It's worth a try. Lastly, it doesn't
hurt to pretend to leave, and to be as convincing as you can be about it. For
example talk to a friend and ask if they want to go to lunch, and pretend you're
going to meet in real life. You can actually go afk safely if your friend is
helping, and find something besides gunbound to keep you occupied.

IV. Passing the key.

Sometimes you want to get the key to your friend(s) before leaving the room,
or you just don't want to host because you have a laggy connection etc.
There is no easy trick to give the key to a specific person, don't trust
anyone who says you can use some /key command or whatever. It's all lies.
There is a smart way to pass the key and a stupid way. The stupid way is to
just leave and rejoin the room, with a better than 50% chance that the key will
end up with an enemy. You can also kick people slowly until it passes, which
is pretty much the same thing (if you don't kick fast, and there are 8 ppl in
the room when you make your final kick, you have pretty much done the same
thing as leaving the room.. there's no control over who might get the key).

The smart way to pass the key goes like this -
-close the room
-close the room some more if possible.
-kick any remaining enemies until it's just teammates.
-if you haven't run out of kicks by now, leave and your key will pass to a
-random friend. Or you can ask some friends to leave first and pass to
-a specific friend.

Detail on how to do this perfectly without fuckups:

1. If there's any chance that 2 slots on the enemy team might clear out
(from people getting bored and leaving) then wait for your chance and
immediately click the 4:4 (game settings) button. If you manage to click
the 4:4 button when there are only 6 people in the room, it will successfully
change to 3:3 even if 4 people are on your team's side.

2. If you can't wait for people to give you a natural 3:3 opportunity or
whatever, then you can create one... but you must use a trick to it.
If you just kick two people quickly and try to change to 3:3, you might
be too slow and someone will join just as you're trying to close the room
up. The trick is this: type /kick UserName ...where UserMame is some enemy
who isn't leaving soon. Don't actually press enter and kick them. Instead,
hold shift and press home after you type it. This selects the text with a
yellow box. Press ctrl+X on your keyboard to copy the text. Now type out
another /kick command, this time /kick Username2 (where Username2 is a
different enemy who also seems likely to stay). Now move your mouse
so that it's hovering over the 4:4 button. Do the next 3 steps as fast
as you can to close the room...
- press enter (kicks username2)
- press ctrl+V, then enter (pastes the command you copied earlier and
kicks the first user)
- click with the mouse.
If you did these fast enough, two enemies will be kicked one after the other very
quickly, and you can close down the room to 3:3 with a single quick click before
anyone else can join your room.

3. Repeat step 2 if you want, it's possible to close down to 2:2 and leave just
yourself and your teammates.

4. If your key isn't passed yet, but you can see that there are only friends
left in your room, exit quickly before any enemies can join. The key is passed.

V. Raiding and dealing with raids.

Room raiding is a trick used to capture the key to a room, it's also called
stealing a room. The idea is simple... get as many friends as you can to
join a room and refuse to ready up. The key is forced to kick them if he
has any hopes of starting a game, and after kicking 5 of them he will lose
the key and with any luck one of the raiders hopes to catch the key.
You might think "but they can't rejoin if I kick, and what if there are
only 2 or 3 people trying... they can't do it, right?" ... nope, they
can. When you're kicked, you can just exit gunbound and restart it to
join a room you're 'banned' from. If you're fast, you can sometimes
tell you were kicked but the game seems to think you're still in the
room due to lag. If you voluntarily exit before it 'sees' the kick, you
can rejoin it immediately, which some dumb people think is a hack.

To deal with a room raid, you have a few options.

1. Talk them out of it.. "don't be lame come on. Find another room to
raid. We're not stupid, you're not gonna get the key, find dumber people
to pick on. You shouldn't do this to other wands. I'm gonna report you."
blah blah blah. This will never work vs determined room raiders.

2. Outwait them. This is a painful and boring option, but you can simply
refuse to kick and see who gets bored first. You might try passing the time
by talking with one of your friends in the room about something that interests
you both. Or you can pass the time by going afk, and maybe ask a friend to
keep an eye on the room while you're gone (they can MSN you when the raiders
have left). A lot of room raiders are capable of waiting patiently. This
option sucks but is effective, sometimes it's the only thing you can do.

3. Use smart kicking and try to close the room - apply step 2 from the
previous section. When the room is closed down to a point where no enemies
can get in, they might not bother to keep trying. If you have to, you can
play vs your friends for one or more games. Often seeing a game start
causes raiders to give up.

4. Call friends to help fill up the slots on the enemy team... that
gives the raiders fewer slots to try to steal and gives you a better chance
of starting when some random noob joins and readies.

ok that's it, I hope people can control their frigging rooms now :D