Become a nak pro from SAGE
I am cirtenly not the best nak, but im decent and i learned some very useful aiming
techniques in just a few days of practicing.

Nak's shot 2 is heavier then amours shot 2 but since Nak's ball digs underground,
it becomes roughly the same shot.

Your old amour formulas work quite nicly with nak

-2.1 bar 70 angle is half screen (on zero wind)
-3 bar 70 goes full screen (also zero wind)
-2.5 bar goes about 3/4's screen (you guessed it )
I like to use those 2 shots as bench marks when i shoot with nak long range,
and if it not exactly half screen or full screen it is easy to adjust.

If you are 1/4th screen or closer you should be able too feel out the shots,
and if you cant then give up and go cry in the woods. The best advice i can give
you from my experiences with nak is that when you are shooting short range you should
make your angle 60 or above. preferably 70 or higher. this will make your shot go
straight up and down on your opponant, and will help tons when you are dualing

High angles also come in handy with nak, but it is better to stick with the
70 angle shots. use high angles when you dont have enough space to land the other
type shotz. ange 85 is about a half screen (2shot) angle 79 is full screen 2 shot,
so from there it is easy to calculate 80 angle 81 ect.

Wind adjustment is give or take the exact same as amour so read one of the amour
guides cuz i dont feel like writing up a wind guide right now cuz i just smoked pot
and its 3:45 a.m. But basicly what you will learn to do is still use the 70 angle shots,
but adjust your angle and keep the same power (sound familiar?) but hold on, its not
that easy, when you are going againt the wind you will need to add a lil more power
because the ball will not dig as much because it will be going as fast, the harder
the wind againt you the more you will have to compensate, when you are going with
the wind just take some power off. there is no true formula for how much to take off,
but its no biggy, just use your judgement cuz its not that hard. and if your wondering
why im rambling on it is cuz im damn blazed

It is much easier to shoot against the wind then with it. if the wind is over 15 going
with me, i dont even bother.

Dont be afraid to use nak's one shot, but with the info i just gave you, you wint
need to use the meathod of useing one shot first turn, then subtracting power, cuz
thats just stupid. use 1 shot when you know your 2 shot wont hit. and you should
know when you cant land a 2 shot in then or not. if you think you cant 2 shot them,
then dont try, cuz it will just waste your delay. Here are some 1 shot methods:
-70 angle - 3.3 bars is full screen (on zero wind, you know the routine)
-60 angle - 2.9 bars is full screen (do i even need to say zero wind?)
-76 angle - Full is full screen (yesyes, zero wind again)
Adjust your angle the same way you would with the 2 shot.
Overall Nak's 1 shot is by far the worst one shot in the game, it has massive delay,
very low damage, and little bunge. but if you wanna become nak pro you gotta know one
shot or your fu%ked

SS works the same way as the one shot exept it goes through walls, great angle butser
or Ks shot but big delay for a small damage shot, use when you are killing, or have
absolutly no other way of shooting. and you almost always can shotgun it so please
do so. Nobody will call you a noob

Well that just about wraps it up but before i end this thing, ill give you some advice
that will by useful:
- When using nak you have to be more crative with your shots then other bots, always
look for a hole to jump into for deadly 2 shots. just before you shoot imagine the shot,
and other possibilities, you can shoot.
-The shot 2 goes through bodies unless it has already gone underground, so if your
played solo, its nice to have a dead body to hinde behind and shoot through
-It may take a couple days to master this stuff, but once you do you can really
impress your friends. you will find yourslef making shots that to you are easy and
everyone in the room is saying "OMG nak pro..OMG, kick after this game!"
- i cant say this enough: if you wanna be pro with nak you gotta be crative with
your shots, hit the shots that other pleayers dont even see.

Gosh i hope people read this

If you find anything wrong with it please tell me because i would like to know
for my own sake.

Once again, i am not the best nak, im not one of the top 50 naks..well maby i am..
i dno.. that beside the point, i know this isnt all the shots, but i would like
to share with you many shots that work most of the time.