abit = a bit, some. But I've also seen it used jokingly, like if you dual every shot someone might say 'dual abit plz', or if your shot is waaaay off "miss abit onli"
act pro = try too hard to look like a pro even when you're not, usually said after a dumb dual that missed.
angmoh = white guy, can be used to be a little insulting.
blur = dumb, not aware of what's happening. "don't act blur I see u botting!"
can... anot = can (this be done) or can't it? "my dual kill him can anot?"
CB = chee bye, which means cunt (you don't need to use ***'s lol).
CCB = more or less the same thing, but a bit stronger.
CBF = can't be fucked... used like 'can't be bothered'. "I CBF go to shop, I just wear gold armor in avatar off".
dun = don't
FFS = for fuck's sake, you see british people and a few americans use it too. "ffs why y u didn't kill the wand first"
heng = lucky/luckily (sometimes you also see 'heng ar')
haiz = boring
gwai lo = roundeye, white guy. This might be more chinese or hong kong than singapore, but I see it sometimes.
KNN = ka ni na, fuck your mother, but usually not used as in insult. It's more like "goddammit", you say it after you miss.
"knn y I miss that ez shot"
KNS = ka ni sai, fuck your sister, usually used as an insult :P "kns why you ruin my angle"
Lan Jiao (LJ) = cock
SG = singapore (singaporeans use this for both shotgun and singapore sometimes). "SG?" = "you're from singapore?"
SMLJ = si mi lan jiao, "what the cock?!" ... sort of singlish way of saying 'what the fuck!' in an annoyed way
sianz (siaaanzzzzzZZZzZ) = booooooring
sianzsational = sarcasm for 'sensational'. Maybe only my friend uses this one.
1 / one = added at the end of some sentences to indicate a specific person or thing, like "you shoot him can 1?" doesn't mean use shot 1, it's just added to the end of the line. "he's so stupid 1"
= second meaning: want ... for example 'dun 1 to play anymore.'
si bei (si bei pro) = act (act pro). If you try a hard shot through a tornado to an enemy 2 screens away someone might say "si bei pro lol"
tml = tomolo, same as 'tomorrow'
tt = that
lai = wait
lar, lor, leh, ler, lah, la, etc = added to the end of a sentence to emphasize something, like adding "see?" at the end of a sentence in english, or maybe a bit like adding "hey" before.
lidat = like that. "y shoot me lidat", "lidat oso can"
like that oso can = "you can do that (or do it that way) too." Sort of used jokingly, like if I meant to dual shot 2, but accidentally pick shot 1 and get lucky and kill them anyway, someone might say "lidat oso can"
ngl/ngle = angle
wad = what. "for wad u dual, tt guy almost dead."
xjj = xiao jiao jiao, like saying "small wee wee"... little cock. A fun insult.