Here ya go creedo, I'm afraid this stuff might make peoples heads spin,
but it's for people like me. :) Just toss this into a Html Page with the attached wind charts.

SirLaMort’s Precision Aiming Guide – With Wind Charts

Before I start, I would like to warn anyone who thinks custom rulers are
cheating to stop reading. This guide is for people who want good enough accuracy that they can decide what part of the enemy to hit,
front, back, middle… etc.

Section 1- Your zero wind game:
The first step to become good at aiming is your 0 wind game.
The only times I miss in 0 wind are when I do not have angle,
or my keyboard or mouse messes up. I use the 2.99Bar, or 3Bar
power for most my shots. I do not use the part system.

To make a custom ruler for 3Bar power is a bit of work.
First you must find 0 wind games. I prefer shooting at 3Bar
power at every two angles, and taking a screenshot when the shot is
exactly horizontal with the back of the arrow. I do not use F11,
I use print screen. It is much faster! After you have screenshots of
Turtle/Armors shot at every two angles. You can then take them and
put them as your pc’s desktop background, so they are the same size
as in Gunbound.

Now you have your measurements, but where do you put them?
On a custom ruler! Very thick paper is preferable, cut out a
12x 3/4th strip of paper and there you go! This method of
getting measurements via screenshots of 95% accurate, but
because slice is somewhat micro-erratic, it is not perfect.
I personally check the important angles a few times, Ex: 85,80,75,70.

Section 2 – Your wind game:
I hope everyone knows the basic universal formula:
wind factor x wind -+ angle.
Wind factor you get from your wind chart, wind… if you don’t know where
to find that one, please stop reading. Angle is your distance away in 0 wind, with your shooting system.

I am pretty good at wind factor judgment, but you can use some
visual aids like mentioned on the wind chart. The thing to remember
is wind factors are DIFFERENT for every single angle in banpao.
So you must use common sense if the angle you have to use is different
from a wind chart.
If one of my wind factors ever fails you, there is an easy
system to find the right wind factor. If you miss by one angle,
change your wind factor until your calculator has the angle
that you are sure would have hit, then try again. Yes I
prefer calculator, trying to multiply .33x26 just isn’t my thing…

Section 3 – using Feel with my wind charts.
There is a small application for these wind charts even if
your not using formula. I prefer to play a lot of games just with
feel, so relaxing. But if you must hit, there’s always formula.

Say for example that your doing high angle and you know the
correct measurements, and you miss by half an angle. The wind is
toward you, the wind goes up one, and you think “should hit now right?”.
Lets look closely and say the wind factor is .39. You can’t depend on
.39 of an angle closer to get you a good hit, so you must change power. There is always a time when your calculator tells you some stupid
angle like: 75.56 Your only way of hitting is to either adjust
power or move. If you use angle 75, you overshoot, if you use 76
you undershoot.

Power change rules, the higher the wind the more effect: For wind >> and up, slight power change = big distance change.
For wind << and down, slight power change = small distance change.

Distance rules,
Close to enemy, slight power change = slight distance change.
Far from enemy, slight power change = big distance change.