This is a 2 bars aiming method, it is mainly for high-accuracy within half screen and with your real angle.
Why 2 bars?
1. many people like to use 2.4, and sometimes if u can't get low angle, and if u use 2.4 u can't get the real angle. 2 bars may be good for this.
2. Again, if u use method like ban pao, bjsl. 2.4's power if u slip 0.1 u gonna miss, and sometimes the shooting power is quite embigious, like 2.4>2.5 ban pao's 2.8 2.95 3.2 , etc. however 2 bars if u slip 0.1 u won't mss so many, why? Becuase 2 bars, every 1 angle is very close, so if u slip a bit u won't miss all (maybe miss 1/4 of your dual)
3. Again, every distance of +1 and -1 angle is very close, so if u miss a bit u won't miss a lot.
4. 2 bars is easy to drag. why? 2 bars = lower power than 2.4 , 3. etc. then u need less time to drag => the drag won't shake and slip + faster delay.
5. it is especially good for armor SS ing. it saves your delay, and sometimes in some very close situation u also can ss (e.g. the middle of the meta mine)
6. good for showing off. Haha, when strong wind with you and u want to shoot -> then u shoot <- and it flies back, what a wonderful sight.
7. Overall-saves delay, real angle, easy to drag, fast!
Ok lets stop crap and go into it. here is the picture. Thanks for owwies for giving me a slot to play a game to take screenshot (i don't have any ss in my computer -.- i formatted harddisk)

ok i think many people knows 80 2 = 1/4 sd and 70 2.1 is 1/2 sd 3/4 sd = 55 2 bars
But if u want to be more detailed, u should use the power bar to measure.
The distance of the power bar = half sd = 400 pixel (lets don't talk about the difinition of 1 sd first, lets make it 800 px instead of 780 px , it is easier to measure)
Each 1 bar distance = 5 angle. so to be precise, every 0.2 distnace in your power bar = 1 angle (every 20 pixel). Then u get the distance.
then subsititude into the formula shooting angle = 90 - distance -/+ wind x wind strength (perhaps everyone knows this, haha sorry for crapping)
Note: 2 bars is not really all 2 bars, why?
Because angle/distance is not proportional if u use a same power, u need some adjustment.
for 80-90 angle use 2 bars.
75-80 use 2.05
70-75 use 2.1
P.S. use this method lowest to 70 angle only ,becuase after half sd angle so low then the angle won't be very proportional to your distance. So after angle 70, don't use. the distance won't be very proportional to the angle.
Wind adjustment :
zZzz i m so sleepy it is 4:55 Am now so i gonna type very fast and briefly.
Angle 80-90 use ban pao 1/2 sd wind chart
70-80 use 1sd ban pao
Why use 1/2 sd and 1 sd wind chart?
Becuase wind affection to angle is not base on distnace, it is base on the angle, ban pao half sd = 80-90 1 sd = 70-80 angle, that is what i discovered.
Angle 70-80 use ban pao 1 sd

Some example : if the enemy is260 pixel far away from you 0 wind.
260 pixel = 2.6/4 in your power bar (1 power bar has 400 pixel, every1 bar = 100 pixel)
=13 angle distance.
then 90 - 13 = 77, so u use 77 2.05 will hit your enemy.

example 2 : wind 10 exactly left/right (wind with you)enemy 120 pixel (1.2 bars) away from you
then distance = 6 angles
due to the banpao wind chart, we know that 10 wind affect 6 angles on that distance

then 90 - distance + wind x wind strength
= 90 - 6 + 6
= 90
use 90 2 bars will hit your enemy.

example 3. Wind 25, at bearing 270 wind with you. enemy is 100 pixel (1 bar far away)
100 pixel = 5 angles distance.
due to the ban pao wind chart, 25 wind need to x 0.65, then 25 x 0.65 = 16.25 ~16
then 90 - distance + wind x wind strength
= 90 - 5 + 16 = 101
omg, 101???
haha, use your brain do other side (101-90) = 79 2 bars, will hit your enemy with very beautiful curve. You will get backshot bonus and "wow" and "vns" for your teammate hahahaha.
some useless discovery : from the left of "all" to the end of the power bar = 60 2 bars (i don't know what is the use of this lolx, i discovered it someday but i found it useless)
2 bars can be worked on bots like mage,a sate, roan too.
for mage u approximately - 0.05, asate + approximately 0.05 roan i think approximately +0.1
i m so sleepy and i must sleep now
This is my first guide to post in public so give me some face, if u found errors don't reply and challange just tell me in gunbound and i will edit it lol.=P
If u copy it to some other website then do it but at least give me a credit.

Thanks to owwiez for giving me a slot to take screenshot.