Raon Guide
by Tooya (Before he learned the greatness of Trico...)

Bloodbug's guide was what sparked my interest, many of the ideas and information I have here are from Bloodbugs guide, http://www.freewebtown.com/raoners/raonerguide.html

I also used some information from

Both of these links are helpful for any GB player.

Raon is a very nifty bot, most consider it a weak bunge bot... that is because they do not know its full potential. Raon is a deadly machine, that, if used properly, can kill a mammoth in 2 shots. It has a decent angle, decent climbing rate, but its movement is utter crap.

Delay- 500

Shot 1
Average Damage

250 (750)

Shot 1 is one of the weakest shots you can find damage wise, however land damage it is god. Most people only end up using shot 1, thinking shot 2 is ineffective, these people I smack silly with a tampon.

Shot 1 should only be used for 5 reasons:

Holeing an enemy
Test Shotting
Avoiding Delay
Making a nice angle for your shot 2

If your plan is to bunge an enemy, try as much as possible to hit the land in front of the enemy and not the actual enemy. If your shot hits the enemy dead on, nearly no land damage is made. The enemy absorbs the yoyos. :(

Shot 2
Average Damage
300(yep you heard correctly)

400 (900)

Shot 2 is the meat of Raon, it is what makes Raon a very dangerious foe. There is 1 secret behind Raon, shotgun like crazy! When you shoot out the 2 mines, they travel in a different velocity, if you dont apply enough power the 2 babies will most likely seperate. Shotgun full power into
the land where the bot stands.

The best example of where to shoot:

Shotgun right in between the wheels of a Raon

Shooting here will prove effective results, 300 damage on average. It is even reccommended you dual here, since land damage will occur and you may lose your sg.

Shot SS
Average Damage
300(same as shot 2 :( )

800 (1300)

The SS deals out the same amount of damage as shot 2. Idealy you should never have to use ss. But since games are not made perfectly, you should ss in 2 occasions... If you do not have the shot gun angle (and you know the ss will kill the enemy! ,)
or if you are not 100% sure you will hit dead on. Raons ss could miss by a mile, and still do max damage. After your shot lands, it starts walking in whatever direction it flys through the air.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: If you shoot High angle SS against hook wind, you may suffer from watching your little clone walk in the opposite direction that you shot it, be cautions of this!!)

(IMPORTANT NOTE2: Shot1 and shot 2 weigh the same, but the SS is lighter then the other shots. I have heard from Bloodbug that a good way of measuring is to shoot a thumb size less then what you would normally shoot[but blood has small hands! :X] )

Shot 2/SS Trick shots:

Some of these I am taking Directly from Bloodbugs Guide. Be weary these glitches were not discovered by me.Raon's mines are not like normal shots, they do not do land damage. Knowing this is crucial....

Raon Slip (by Bloodbug)

The Raon slip is a technique where you shoot mines at thin layers of land. The screen shot really describes it all. You shotgun under them, as the babies hit the land they actually grow through the land, and impact upon the enemy. If you decide to dual your enemy will most likely fall from the few pixels they are standing on, HOWEVER(!), as soon as your 2nd set of mines touches any land, they will warp back to where the enemy was standing (due to a sweet little glitch).

There are 2 exceptions for this glitch, if you do not notice them then your shot will fail.

Do not dual with Thor on: when your 2nd set of mines touches land, instead of warping back, thor shoots a laser at there landing spot, and that is where they are processed.

The shot Must touch land! If you dual full power at an enemy above you with an angle of 45, Say bye bye to your 300 dmg. If your 2nd set of mines does not touch any land, then it will not warp back.

Raon Bounce (by Bloodbug)

This is almost the same shot, however you are shooting at thick land this time, and your raon shots bounce off the ceiling (or wall). When I say bounce, I actually mean they fall straight down. So the trick here is to aim right above your enemy, and the shot will fall down straight on his head.

Advanced Lightning Raon Slip (performed by Ybom, creater?)

This is a rare breed of shot. Following all the guidelines of the Roan slip (read above to make sure you know all the rules), your shot can penetrait through larger chunks of land. Shoot your mines (dual even) through a streak of lightning (or use the item yourself), and the mines will go through the land. The lightning bolt will hit the enemy, cause some slight land damage, and make the land small enough for the raon baby to glitch its way through.

Note: this shot does work with Thor, but it can be dangerious, dual this shot with caution.

Raon Drop (by Tooya)

When you start off, most of the time you will not have a shot gun angle, so you can either use shot 1 to bury your enemy in a lil' hole... or you can preform this little trick. The idea is use shot 2 with your lowest possible angle, and nearly minimal power. A good power range would be under 1 bar. The more power you use the greater change the 2 Mines will seperate. If you can do this with a lightning or thor available, then by all means, dual. Thor or lightning guarantee your shot to explode on the enemy.


With Ultra High angleing, angle 84(with a bit less then full I'd say) is half screen, and angle 79 if 1 full screen.

You can have both mines hit without having to shotgun, the trick is High angling. From my experience, only angle 89 has worked (and sometimes a not full powered 88 ) The picture above shows 1 important aspect of shooting the mines, they spread. As you lower your angle, your mines spread out more. At angle 45 they go through the maximum spread possible (this is null wind, however). Anything below 45 should be shotguns.

Take a look at Bloodbugs guide for some more info, I gave the neccesities, hope this guide helps future Raons.

If you are seeking a Raon path to follow, a good choice is to join the guild Raoners. That guild has a large amount of Raon pros that are willing to help Raoners.