Credit to DvineKage for posting these.
First is originally written by Yun Qiong Chang (Xiao Tu)
Found on
this was found from a link that m2 posted on a trico thread earlier. i guess not much
people know about it??

its found from a chinese guide by tkbb, on trico 3 in 1.
i actually dont really know how to use it. basically you add to your null wind angle
and power by:

see if you using 50+ angle or not for your shot. red word = 50+ and blue word = 50- angle.
i think you add the angle by wind * wind factor, then ... the lower row... i think its
like "for every x wind you add/subtract 0.x power?" DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?

like for 9 o clock against wind, the inner words say you lower (wind * 0.4) angles, and
for every 6 wind, you add 0.1 power. oh =). ok it makes sense. glhf, if it works, which
it should :D

Another formula, found elsewhere and reposted by DvineKage:
(I'll credit the author if someone can tell me whose it is)

Now, my own power adjustment when wind is present.
with one of the 6 powers fixed, now let's make some adjustment if wind is present.
the formula is angle of the wind (approximate from the wind meter, from the wind mark
to horizontal axis) The formula is:
power adjustment = wind*(sin wind_angle/2 +/- cos wind_angle/4)*4/100