A quick note on damage, delay, etc: Damage is based on how clean your hit is, and whether or not your shot was partially blocked by dirt. The damages I give are based on a solid center hit vs a mobile with average defense. In some conditions your shot will do more or less. I'd say your best shot 1 will be 180 dmg and a great shot 2 will do 320. If you are lucky and have the right position, Turtle can get more damage out of his 1 and 2 by doing "turtlekaze", which means positioning your cannon deep inside the enemy's body so that your shot hits their core directly. A shot 2 turtlekaze, done perfectly, can get 400-450 damage BUT Turtle will also do 200-250 damage to himself, so it's not always worth it.

Delay increases based on how long you take to shoot. For every second you take to shoot, the delay for your shot will have 12 points added. All the other bots only have 10 points added but Turtle gets 12 because turtles are slow. Don't worry about that fact, it's meaningless 99% of the time. So, if you fired an SS with no delay it uses 1290 'time units'. If you used 3 seconds to fire the shot, you are now using 1290+36 time units, so that's 1326 time units. Most items also add to your delay. If you use a dual+ item with Turtle's shot 1, you are adding 250 delay to your natural delay of 740. Dual+ is therefore 990 delay as long as you use shot 1 first. That means dual+ delay is only 100 more than using a normal shot 2. There's a myth some players spread that doing shot 2 first gives better damage. This is a lie. Use 1 first.

Some tips to increase the damage of your shots:

I'd say for high defense mobiles 250+ is good damage to try for. If your target has average defense then a good shot will do about 280. Against weak mobiles like boomer, grub, and JD you can get 300.