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Other high angle formulas:

Full power (4 bar) shots

There are 2 other high angle formulas I like to use with Turtle. The first is full power, which is usually the first 'formula' beginners learn. It's usually called "high angling". Full power is not a shooting method I would recommend except to show off. It has several problems. If you still want to play with full power, the basic shots to remember are:
1 screen = 79 full
half screen = 84 'unfull'

By 'unfull' I mean about 3.8 bars of power. People who use full power must get used to occasionally switching to 3.8 bars to hit in between 2 angles. If you used 84 full for half screen, it would fly too far. If you tried 85, it would come up short. So the only solution is 84 with 3.8 power. Almost any useful landmark will require less than full to hit with Turtle: 1/4 screen needs 87 unfull, 1/3 screen needs 86 unfull, 3/4 screen needs 81 unfull, etc. So full power pretty much blows.

It can be useful in some situations. If you're deep in a pit, with a big wall of land in front of you, you need to use a very high angle to shoot out without hitting land. You may need to use near full power anyway to hit with this kind of angle. It's also handy when an enemy is deep inside a pit and has land in front of them. The only way to hit them without drilling through the land in front of them is to have your shot drop down on them vertically. Full power means the shot comes to earth with the most vertical angle possible.

Here is a chart showing Turtle's full power distances and some measuring tricks.

You might also want to check out this old armor high angle chart. It gives distances in exact pixels and shows shots that go past one screen. Armor's shots are the exact same weight as Turtle's so this info works for Turtle too. A quick note: For some reason the author started the 2nd screen information in a weird spot. So the places where you see the purple lines are not where the 2nd screen shots will land, unless you drag the left edge of your screen to the spot where angle 80 full would normally land.

High angle tips: