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Turtle's weapons:

Shot 1

A basic shot 1. You can use it to beat someone's delay and get 2 turns in a row on them (or make sure they don't get two turns in a row on you). You can also use it to kill an enemy with only a little life, which gets you the kill and saves some delay. It makes a small round hole, and if the enemy has a lot of land in front of them, and you place shot 1 right in front of them, it ruins their angle. It's also the best shot to use when you are not sure you can get full damage from shot 2. A shot 1 is stronger than a half-hit from shot 2, and uses less delay.

Delay: 740

Typical damage: 150

Shot 2

Shot 2 is trickier to use. It fires two streams of water that spiral through the air. The streams come from Turtle's cannon clustered together, then split apart, then come together again, and they keep repeating this fast spiral pattern 5 or 6 times. After enough time in the air (about 2.5 seconds), the streams come together one last time and stay together. That means that after a lot of airtime, the two streams become one powerful shot that does high damage. There are actually 3 ways to get this kind of full damage:

Delay: 890

Typical damage: 260


This is the most difficult shot to use in the game, which makes it very satisfying when you can hit with it. It's one of the strongest in the game when it hits for full damage. This is the way it works: The shot starts out as one big water blob. After about 2.15 seconds in the air, the blob splits into 6 smaller bombs. The bombs immediately fan out in a spread pattern that will remind you of the spread gun in the old NES game Contra. If you can somehow get all 6 bombs to hit the same enemy, you'll do a lot of damage.
There are a few ways to do that... which I'll cover later.

Delay: 1290

Typical damage: 550+

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