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Turtle SS

Intro to Timebombs

The other way to get nice damage from the SS is to timebomb it. That means you must try to control the airtime of the shot so that a split second before it splits, it is in the air just a few pixels away from the target. When the shot splits open, the 6 water balls all fly into the opponent while they're still clustered close together. They don't get a chance to spread out.

This is difficult, but not so difficult that it isn't worth trying. With practice, you can hit these with 90% accuracy inside 1 screen with no wind. Wind makes things more challenging, but there's no reason you can't hit at least half your timebombs with the right information and some practice. Some advantages to using timebombs:

So, what's the secret to timebombs? Well, you won't like the answer but it's work and memorization. For some bots, you can skip using formulas completely, or you can get by with some feel. But for Turtle's timebomb you absolutely have to memorize some stuff and do some calculation. That doesn't mean you must use a ruler or calculator. I do all my measuring and all my calculating in my head, without outside help. But whether you use help or not, you will need to deal with some memorized numbers and a windchart. You can't 100% feel these and have a decent success rate. If you're willing to do a little work, it's worth it, because a nice timebomb is the most fun shot in the game.

Read on for the numbers. Don't be afraid to write them down or print them out. If you and another friend are interested in learning this (or any other shot) there's one very good training method - start a 1v1 Jewel game, with only windchange items and maybe teleports available. Put the game settings on SSdeath mode and 40 turns. Pick an easy, fairly flat map like metamine or miramo town. When the game starts, don't try to win. Instead, just skip turns until 40 turns have passed and SSdeath mode begins. Then, instead of trying to aim for just the best jewels, aim at each other, or aim at worthless -5's or 5's. Try to timebomb a variety of targets, but avoid 25's because you're not trying to win, you want the training session to last a while. Keep trying to timebomb each target until you get the correct angle and power.