The Triconomicon BETA1
by wavedash


Howdy folks. I'm wavedash and I'm primarily a Trico player, although I admit to some hilarious games with Raon/Grub -- that's beside the point! As many of you know, there's a Trico guide out there by a certain individual who dubs himself "mauvecow". mauvecow's guide outlines the majority of what you need to know when dealing with how to play Trico SO READ IT FIRST, but I will profess that his guide is rather outdated in certain aspects (given the various nerfs and borks to certain mobiles and power boosts to others), so it does end up changing the landscape of the game to a moderate degree.

In light of this, I will attempt to discuss the basic necessities of Trico play, such as key landmarks -- NOT overall formulas to Trico rotation. You can find neat little things like windcharts and shotcharts on GBGL-HQ or Creedo's site. However, due to popular request, I will post a mini-walkthrough on adjusting shots for elevation and distance differences.

Trico Base Stats:

Total HP: 1050~1100
Mobile Type: Bionic
Shot Type: Explosive
Attack: Very High
Defense: Poor (It says high on the GB official stats... PFFFTT)
Movement: Average
Climbing: Poor
Shot Weight: Very Heavy
Delay Addition (increments by second): +10


- High damage when done properly
- Good bunge potential
- Great delay especially considering damage
- All three shots are extremely useful/versatile
- Great all-around bot
- Vegetables are good for you
- Automatic props for mobile difficulty and additional props for being able to hit your shots right

- Low defense
- Frequently difficult to properly adjust shot
- Right shooting is poor in melee/mid-range
- Extremely difficult to master
- Takes handicap damage while lacking the ability to deal handicap damage

Shot Assessments:

!! Notes to consider: First, all the shots weigh the same so you can switch between them without having to adjust. Second, angle width and position is the same for all shots, with a minor exception to the lack of non-true angle while in SS mode. This being said, it's a good habit to toggle into SS, go to the max/min of SS, and then toggle back over to shot 1 or shot 2 to know your boundaries of what's true and what's not. !!

Shot 1
Base Delay: 740
Max Damage: 190
Commentary: Single cabbage shot. Great delay and decent bunge; paired with shovels or in BigBomb you have a bunging force to be reckoned with. Using strategically placed shot 1's can provide ample delay or serve as test shots for your shot 2s.

Shot 2
Base Delay: 880
Max Damage: 280~320
Commentary: The most powerful overall shot in the game outside of Knight or Dragon, you can generally deal 300 damage with a perfect/nigh-perfect shot.

Interestingly enough if you haven't thought about it before, this shot is also the most versatile of the game. Whereas it's frequently touted for its damage capabilities, shot 2 is extremely underestimated in its bunge capability, i.e. dropping opponents in holes. I've dropped opponents in holes as deep as an SS and wide as a Cake2 or set up bunges on Adiumroot in one pass. Alternately, it's easier to DK in melee positions if you can maximize damage from a flat shot. Come up with neat uses for your own, because there are a lot of possibilities in application.

Rotation landmarks are as follows...
Lefty Loosey: 1, 2.15, 3.2
Righty Tighty: 1.6, 2.65, 3.55

Since all the other guides and landmarks have posted shot ratios, formulas, charts, and other goodies, I'll leave that alone since you don't need to waste time looking at the same info time and time again.

On popular demand, I have been asked to discuss adjusting shots by elevation. I'll say right off the bat that I am absolutely miserable with formulas, so if someone wants to work with me on devising a formula for this based off what I'm about to describe, please contact me! I am entirely a feel player, so formula users won't get too much out of me if you want a fixed formula you can apply and calculate.

Anyways, in dealing with elevation changes you have to remember one key thing -- AIRTIME IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN TRICO'S SHOT 2. To clarify in relation to elevation change, you want to allow for either more airtime regardless of higher or lower. However, note that IF OPPONENT ELEVATION = LOWER, POWER = LOWER. Likewise for a higher elevation. If you're good with understanding rotation timing, then this should make a lot of sense to you, if not then I shall explain further. Normally a R1.6 shot at whatever will hit optimal rotation at a center line parallel to the center of Trico, yes? But consider when your opponent is lower than you, if you were to fire the same shot then not only would the shot overrotate, but possibly fly well over their head. I have an unconscious rule of thumb that says ~.5 bar for each inch of elevation difference, and then adjust accordingly to wind and distance. Additionally, remember here that Power = 90% of Trico distance shooting and Angle is the remaining 10% of Trico distance shooting when taking rotation into account. So with all this taken into account, an example: the distance from the top-right-most island to the next-down right island in Nirvana B would demand that I shoot from roughly 3/4 from the right of the island at about .9 power (this is all mental imagery here, so don't be surprised if I'm off, but this is just to narrate the gist of the idea).

Trico backshotting falls under roughly the same concept. Please please bear in mind that you have to have very strong wind for any sort of backshot to occur. Backshotting is simply a real test of how strong your understanding of Trico rotation WITHOUT FORMULA. This being said, if you understand the concepts behind adapting landmarks and adapting elevation (in addition to wind, of course), backshotting will come easier to you the more proficient you are. I personally test shot 1s as I do not know the distance needed. Also, a 90 degree angle upwards will always shoot as if right shooting (sigh).

Base Delay: 1290
Max Damage: ~650
Commentary: Similarly to the shot 2, Trico's SS is quite versatile (although to a lesser degree, since you only have one projectile here). A large blast radius means that you can bunge efficiently with the SS without worry, and depending on the mobile and shot, you can eke out high damages if done correctly.

Many players feel that for the most part, the damage from the Trico SS is entirely random. I, on the other hand, have a very different opinion.

The total diameter of the circle of SS is roughly 1.25~1.5 times Trico's length -- it's common fare to see SS explosions bunge a good half an inch of land with room to spare. Yet when it comes to damage, it seems like there is little you can do to determine the outcome. What I believe happens is that the the total circumference of the SS is divided up into 6 equal portions. Of these six portions, two or three explosions occur in random order and random spots in each of the sections for the duration of the SS, each mini-explosion roughly the size of Trico's head. This would account for the mostly even spread when a neutral SS is fired into the ground, and also why Dragons take so much damage from SSs. Notably, this would also account for why my Trico SSes have never been below 400 damage when morphed from Nak SSs. I am sure that there is some variable defining the placement and order of explosions, but I can't quite pinpoint what it is. Perhaps total HP?

Match-Up Evaluation and Strategies:


Armor: Ow ow ow ow. I say that this is Trico's second worst matchup as at melee Armor is just able to take all the abuse that Trico can dish out and return it equally with devastating results. At a distance you need to worry about the 500~600 damage SS on top of the high power shot 2s. On a melee basis, this one goes easily to Armor but at a distance Trico can take it if you mess with angles and outdelay consistently.


Boomer: This is actually a lot easier than most people think it is. Low HP and low defense means that if you can pace yourself faster than them, you win no matter what distance. Consistent hits and mess with their true angle and the day is yours. I think the best thing about this matchup is that in non-null wind battles, Trico needs very minimal adjustment as opposed to a complete reassessment of the shot on Boomer's part. Trico has the advantage here, I think.

Bigfoot: I feel that this is Trico's worst matchup out there, and if you disagree with me, I'm inclined to tell you why. At melee, Bigfoots will take immediate and immense damage from Trico's firepower, but Tricos will inevitably be dropped in a hole or take long-term similar damages from TehJeep's shot 1s, which still have a good ~80 delay less than Trico's shot 2(200~250). At long distances Trico may have
the upper hand with accuracy, but that's really not gonna matter because Bigfoots ALWAYS make your shots next to impossible to accurately calculate on a continuous basis. If you're proficient at calculating formulas quickly or being able to adjust your shot adequately, then you can take this, but to be anything less than talented at figuring out Trico shots on refreshed basis means this is your worst nightmare. Damage-wise this isn't as bad as Armor or Nak, but the situations a Bigfoot can put you in are simply stupid.

BIGFOOT2: I very briefly played GBWC and so I will write a brief guideline on what I think about this matchup -- if you can melee or stay midrange, you have this one rather easily. If you're lobbing, screw with his angle. The problem with the H2 is that the erratic flying nature of the split shot can provide interesting sniping matches, but is ultimately not as consistent as an effective Trico player. I'm sure once softnyx tweaks it a bit more it'll become a more effective bot, but I feel Trico has a pretty good advantage over this bot.

Dragon: I'm not surprised that a Triceratops would be armed with the firepower to take out his Dragon/T.Rex buddy, but you know, whatever. I'm pretty damn sure that if you manage your delay properly that you'll be able to kill a Dragon before it kills you, as I've done it myself a number of times. Melee is a difficult if not impossible proposition, but mid-range to long-range is Trico's game. Be smart and
teleport away if you like teleports, or heal anytime you hit 75%. Dual 2 or SS if a Thor comes around, because you're dead otherwise, but this one is a toss-up to your skill as a player against his.

FROG: Oi. Think Grub but good. I didn't get too much exposure to Froggy but I'm sure that careless Trico players will find themselves continually eating snotballs, considering that you want to be on an incline to make your angled shots. Play it safe and run for cliffs when you get the chance.

Grub: Stay out of holes, maintain your angle, watch for lightnings, and never EVER sit in the middle of a tornado at melee. Other than that, this match should be pretty easy considering Grub has a significant lack of firepower.

Ice: This one's a toughie, but doable. Melee will leave you hurting bad and probably dead, as Ice's delay is decent, but shove cabbages directly in their face for perfect damage and they might as well throwing stones at you. If you do it right, you can be DONE with them by your third turn, but you'll usually have to drag it out to four shots total given Ice's ridiculous HP. Lobbing is the same story as long as you don't get caught by frantic windchanges. Pack heals and windchanges.

JD: Not much to worry about here, Cake has stupidly low HP and just as much defense with an equally funny attack power. Shot 2 isn't even as much of a problem as you think it'd be because for him to hole you properly means that he has to risk a dual or you stay stationary (which is unlikely since you will probably want to adjust your angle after being dragged around). Holing you will take far too long for a mobile that gets creamed faster than any other mobile. This one's in the bag.

Knight: Knight's delay is so high (AT LEAST as high as Armor's at base, and probably even more) that if you play smart this shouldn't be a difficult fight. Knights have ridiculous angle but slightly off-kilter tracer hits, so capitalize on tempo and keep your angle.

Lightning: With the recent expansion of Lovebot's angle, this went from a reasonably difficult fight to an incredibly difficult fight. Precise Lightning users can deal stupid amounts of damage while screwing your angle over all in one turn. Lovebot players will drop you into holes that give you miserable angle and when you finally think you can hide behind an overhang, they SS you and completely screw your shot. The key here is to simply power your way through the match and just do as much damage as Tricoly possible. Be reminded/warned that this is a shield bot, so with every miss you fall behind that much more than they do, so control the tempo of the match by whacking them with whatever you can as outdelaying them is next to impossible. If you can melee, this fight is easily in your favor, but if it's a sniping battle then be prepared to fight for as much HP you can eke out of them. Keep an eye on your health and delay, and drop an SS on them if you think it'll create an overhang they can't do anything about except fire through (which wastes their turn).

Mage: Be careful in melee, since Mage Dual-2s do stupid amounts of damage to you, but a long-distance game favors you because of the twirling nature of the Mage shot 2. To quote mauve, "What's he gonna do? SS your Trico shield?"

Nak: This is going to be a really difficult time for any Trico player. Melee makes the Trico cry, albeit there's a little trick to making perfect shot 2s on you difficult. If you can still manage a true angle shot, face towards the Nak while on a downward slope. The likelihood of it snapping you smackdab in the middle with all its might isn't as likely as before, but you'll still be hit for high damage. At a distance, create a little mountain to hide behind if you can spare a turn or two. This'll mess with the Nak's shot and hopefully provide more cover to you in the long run. Otherwise, handle a Nak much as you would an Armor.


Turtle: This is a tough match for Trico. With melee power and distance shooting almost as powerful and defense tougher than Trico's, expect this to be a war of delay and angle. The winner of this one is situational, but usually whoever's got the better damage-delay ratio will take it. It should really be a no-brainer that any turtle who's allowed to high angle really needs his angle fixed.

Trico: Trico duels usually end up being these stupid little wars of who can deal the most damage first, and this really shouldn't be the entire deal. Your weaknesses are his weaknesses; I've won a lot of Trico duels by dropping shot 1s on them to flatten out their land and gain a delay advantage while they're still trying to compensate with shot 2's. Capitalize on gaps in your opponent's play style and this one will go to you, even if you're both shooting consistently.