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Wo ai jajaja? I'm Donatello You thought Sheona was a chick? An unhappy place Teammates protect me by angling We're more than GB buddies :o Kiwi admits his true feelings too Why did it fly LEFT?! BIG LIGHTNING A common lag-related visual bug We already guessed it but... Avatar on + frog SS + pixel = rofl Cool Malay(?) avatar (Tonks) #2 #3 Downwind = hyper grub ss Wind in gb beta (rixxy) Future programmer? Believe it. Poor kiwi :( He loves jesus and cybering Gunbound China avatar screenshots! The 3 bar shotgun in action. Shotgun SS that barely opens Clip of the morph/tag trick (morphiola). I got into Lord and it immediately died :( Tournament winners, mostly Feel Massively damaging Raon pit. is updated. I thought I had the fruitest avatar ever... until I met BadGrammar :o Avatar won in tournament Shameless ad from my buddy. Special HOF rank Movies of the morphiola trick "Air raid" made from a lag bug Rare 1 wind hook Bug - 2 players with same ID Clip - Bigfoot owning Armor 1v1 Vince also wants to be like Guardiangel HAMTARO, hacked avatar, and "_" Reunited with my ruby after 4 months :D The goofiest bunge ever If you pound the F7 button it talks to you Animated Nak shots (Gu4rdiange1) pix of unused (new?) maps (Gangsta) Htmlfury is an ass, says hi Adson the tourny winner says hi An old match I was happy to win Rare, hacked, and event items Grub SS+force+tiny hole (ddss173) Spotting a botter (Starange7)... and botter #2 Lame delay hack BIG FRIGGING NADO (demifrost) It's ok to miss babies sometimes Mage = Caffeine free armor lite. Ultimate Teamstacking

Credits: community community some feel guild members GLC Rem4rk, S4yo, others